One Bouncy Basterd

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Hi there! Have you ever wondered why blobs are portrayed as smiling retards in most games?

Prepare yourself for the truth.

Controls: the WASD keys for movement. Jump on a blob to kill/absorb it, which gives you a stat boost based on what type of blob it was. To advance in each level you must first obtain a passcode from the console then make your way back to the door. In-game hints should tell you the rest.

If you really can't figure out how to beat the last level, think about the reason why you can't kill your copies. If you want me to make it more obvious here it is, you need too have no lives left before you can kill them because only when you are in danger of actually permanently dying are they in the same danger. This is the only way to beat the last level, good luck.

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good effort

its ok. the concept is a bit bland, i'm not a big blob person. The blob physics are a bit sharp, which made it hard for me to effectively jump on the enemy blobs. I like the art style though, and the messages on the little screens made me chuckle a few times. there was just nothing there to make me play past the first few levels. keep at it, you obviously have talent and i look forward to a fuller, more interesting release from you in the future.

Pretty original/creative...

Pretty fun levels/ideas, etc

I wanna sleep so I'll keep it short...my bad :(

I will wait for Two Bouncy Basterd (:

Tocaro responds:

Thanks! I do like the idea, and I'll probably do another now that I got the ground work.

hmm :)

I like it, keep it up. Should have left us wondering about the last level though.. could have just said "LAST LEVEL NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!" or something :) could have started a cult lol

Tocaro responds:

Gasp, you read the spoiler! Is their no end to your treachery?!?

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2010
5:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle