A Few words for 14'th Feb

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I just don't want to give you a bad mood. I think that easy words in this day is enough for you.
Animation inside kinda sad - you may vote zero - i don't mind :(

Boards of Canada - Oscar see through red eye


Lol.. I hate that day 2.. ..

I agree with the Flash but I rated the Score 0
Although I use to love Valentines day!

Ludamage responds:

I don't want to be angry with you - it's just your attitude for the day.


this day sucks donkey ass if your single

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Ludamage responds:

I'am always single - it's better than to be with bigtitties meathole >:(

V Day sucks! :(

Just a fun thing for those who are together... But watching all these clips about Valentines day makes it more fun ^^

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Ludamage responds:



I never celebrate it, my girlfriend tells me its a day to show your love for someone, but i told her i wont do or get her anything, and then she said she wasnt going to get me anything if i didnt get her anything, but doesnt that contradict what the holiday is about, if its a holiday for showing each others selfless love, why does it change if your not getting anything, seems more like a give me free stuff excuse of a holiday, where people are more concerned about what they can get rather than what they can give. keep up the work!

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Ludamage responds:

Yeah! Very useless day )

Very artistic

Don't worry, I also hate v-day.

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Ludamage responds:

thanx for sharing my feelings bro )

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Feb 13, 2010
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