CCHL: ClockCrew Half-Life

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My face is a cheese pizza.


wow that was great...

what a great movie...one of the best i've seen on newgrounds. you should also check out http://www.newgrounds.com/port al/view.php?id=38225 by GuanabanaClock!

Worst clock movie i ever seen...

How could you use TF and CS to make this crap and homers voice to make a doh sound to your silly damn clock. Like shawn101_101 sad homer rules and clocks suck. Clocks suck VERY hard and they suck more on movies like this. I dont make movies but if i should start i will make a good movies.

SnIpErClOcK responds:

Ok.... a few things to notice here:

1: "I dont make movies but if i should start i will make a good movies." .... hmm.... i wonder....

2: TF and CS? For one thing its TFC, and for another thing, I have been playing TFC much longer than i've been in the clockcrew. Find me in a server and I will be happy to hand back your ass on a paper plate.

3: It seems that only Simpsons fans, people who havent made flash movies, or just plain asswipes dont like this movie. if you don't like the movie and speak plain english... PLEASE write a review that makes sense.

How does this shit make it to the top 5?

I will say it again, clock movies suck and a waste of time to view. And it is a shame using Homer's voice in such a shitty movie, Homer rules, clocks suck.

SnIpErClOcK responds:

Well... to get into the top 5... people have to click the button that says "5, 4, or 3" more than the button that says "2, 1, or 0"... i thought you figured that out already. 0_0
Hmmm... lets see what your movies are like... whoa... no movies made by you! Oh well, do onto others... {{{shawn101_101)))

Everyone is really really good.

HHAHAHAHaHahahHAHAHAHAHhahahah aa. dont be srewel to avocado haha



Well lets see.

It was very long, I give you point there. Yes i did laugh a couple of times. The scatman part was good shit. I liked the play off blam club as spam club. Good shit. These are the type of clock movies I like.

SnIpErClOcK responds:

IM A SCATMAN!! (Shoobie-do-wop), but I digress, thx for the review.

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2.85 / 5.00

May 24, 2002
5:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Underdog of the Week May 29, 2002