Valentine's Day 2010

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EDIT - Woo Daily 2nd! Thanks to everyone who watched/voted! Thanks as well for front page!

Happy Valentine's Day! This is the 2010 installment in my annual series of Valentine's Day cartoons for my amazing fiancée Danielle!

This picks up almost immediately after the one I did in 2009 so watch that first or be a little extra confused.
(newgrounds.com/porta l/view/483051)

Music is entirely by the ever awesome Sulek- the two songs used, in order, are "Mr. Lang" and "Oscar."


freakin' marsh mallows XD

cool and outstanding :P
love the animation and that cute characters..
most specially the marsh mallows and that pink thingy XD
awh and that message is too sweeeeeet :)

*love it ~ keep up the good work ^_^

lol "surprise me"

great sequel! the way you do your animation is amazing, and the music really fitted with the flash. probably the best valentines flash this year too! :)
overall: 10/10 5/5 nice work!

Space! Now with oxygen!

Loved it, just like all your work. The two little love messages made it even better than I expected, it was very sweet =P

The animation style is beautiful, I imagine it must take a painstakingly long time compared to having the computer do a lot of the animation like tweening etc. I'm glad you put in all the effort, the results are always amazing.

So Creative!

That video was very good. I liked the whole thing! Good to see that you are still with your girl, too :)

Haha :D awesome

I love your work keep it up :D

also that sound effect used when the marshmallow started its engine o.o thats from Maplestory lol

BarfQuestion responds:

Weird! The base sound I used was a royalty free clip of a raccoon freaking out which I then sped up, reversed, and increased the pitch to make it more of a compressed squeak. Thanks for watching!

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Feb 13, 2010
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