Platoon Wars

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It's a combination of classic turn based strategy and original real-time strategy game in one. We tried to make this game as much entertaining and more enjoyable to watch while at the same time, a user can participate in movements of platoons, simple commands and tactics. Although it's not easy to clear each stage/level, once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier and the gameplay is quite straight forward with battle scenes almost being automatic.

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Nice game to play. Will have a great fun

This is really a nice game challenging you and increaseing the level when you clear those challenges. A pretty good game for challenging persons.
Platoon Wars is the turn-based strategy game with the original RTS-like battle system. Enjoying playing the game and would suggest others to play this game.

Very Addictive

No Doubt, this is a great. very addictive. Definitely this game should get more exposure.

All around great game

I believe that this game should get more exposure. It is professionally-made and reminds me of many games that I used to play in my childhood with a good mix of "Advanced Wars". I'm looking forward to future iterations of this game!

nice game, pretty challenging and fun

I'm on level 6 now and my discovery to earn more money is by occupying your city with your infantry unit, then on each turn, it'll collect taxes and your income goes up. Another way I found was by upgrading with those stars that you've earned.
I'd go with income or initial money or HP(helps you in battle) but bombs are pretty weak for a precious star.

I got to playing..

and i really enjoyed the game but either i'm not doing it correctly or it doesn't work right...i couldn't figure out how to collect taxes from the cities i owned. as of stage 4 the enemy starts out with 3 cities and the player has none. player is only given 4 infantries and there is no factory to make more. i played stage 4 4 times and haven't beaten it...not saying it is unbeatable but the enemy just has so much more money that they can keep creating more and more planes and ships and the player just gets no money every round because the cities are automatically given the cities. i really like the game i just don't get the tax money from cities thing.

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2010
1:12 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)