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NOTE: This is the full animation! So you don't have to watch part one, it's included in this! Just click the 'play the movie!' button. It's named 'part 2', but it's really the whole thing.

Glenn gives Annie a drawing she likes, winning over her heart. Annie spends the rest of the day trying to coax Glenn into romancing her. All he wants to do is draw, though.

This is the entire animation as it was meant to be seen! It's a whopping 13 minutes long, so don't watch if you don't have that much time to spare. I updated the first half as well, rendering 'part 1' obsolete. So if you haven't seen it already, don't bother, it's included in this. (unless you want to watch it anyway, to see what's different between the two versions or whatever).

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I spent about 9 months-ish working on it (of actual work, anyway), so I hope it pleases! Happy Valentines day!

EDIT: Thanks for the front page!


Very heart warming.

I really liked it how so many sound effects can make a lot of animation and moral.

A wonderful film

First off, I would like to say that you are one of my favorite animators on NG because 1. you make it seem so simple, and 2. you are the master of transitions, texture effects, and diverse camera angles most animators would run in fear of. This film certainly showed off a lot of technical talent.

This is a great film and whether it was intended or not, it stands as a metaphor for romance and the artist that I personally know to well. Real life keeps the artist from art, and art keeps the artists from real-life. Of course, I could just be super-imposing my own experiences onto this =)

The only place I would dare speak about is the music. I understand that it needed to be disorienting and other-worldly to show their frustration/confusion, but at times it seemed too much so. I kept thinking of the music from Tron when I watched this - and would like to have heard more natural romantic strings come and go in sequences where the two characters goals were NOT so much at odds. Anyway, great job!

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, I'm definitely no expert at music, but I tried my best. I'm just much better at weird, distortion tracks I guess. I'll get the hang of it someday.
As for your impression of the storyline, I like that you got so much out of the story. I was hoping some people would take something like that from it, as that's pretty close to what I was intending. Each viewer should be able to take what they want from it, and if it helps you to get this impression from it, then do so! Also, run on sentence. I'm notorious for those.
Thanks for watching, man! You flatter me so.

WHOA! She can move fast!

What I noticed first was the effects with the guy's green eyes googling about after she dressed him at lightning speed (I wonder what she saw while doing that), and the music fit the 'mood' too. But the eyes were VERY awesome.

I was looking forward to this, and you did not disappoint! I don't know weather the end was a...happy one? The guy just left the girl standing there. Broke. I think I felt the same way as the girl: confused.

All-in-all: WFTH. (WIN for the HEART!)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed what I did there! What with the eyes and everything, being all crazy. Thanks for watchun!

Heck yeah!

This'll be a short review since it's way past my bedtime.
I definitely loved it! I didn't find the music as unbearable as a lot of peps seem to think it is. The animation was great as always, and the kiss made my eyes go wide as I wasn't expecting it!
However, that wasn't the ending I was expecting... I think a part 3 may be in order at some point! :D

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, well, as far as I'm concerned it's finished. Not the entire story, but this scenario anyhow. If I were to do anything further with the series, it'd have to be a new storyline revolving around the two. And it's good that the ending was unexpected, as that makes it more of the surprise it was supposed to be. I'm glad you enjoyed this though, I do my best and all. Thanks for reviewing! GOODNIGHT!


So touching. Its understandable that sometimes guys just don't understand when theres a girl who likes him or not. Quite the love comedy you've made Rob. I suppose in this story the moral would be, "Pictures worth a thousand words." Or in this case saying, "I Love You" a thousand times. Haha!

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Feb 13, 2010
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