ShellCore Command: Ep1

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Newborn 5 Points

Complete the tutorial

Casual Commander 10 Points

Complete all tasks at Haven 1.

All ur base r belong 2 us 25 Points

Win a Skirmish battle on hard difficulty

MidCore Commander 25 Points

Complete all tasks at Haven 2

Phat Lewt 25 Points

Collect a part of a BattleCore

HardCore Commander 50 Points

Complete the Campaign

ShellCore Commander 100 Points

Get a total achievement score of 30.000

Author Comments

Build a massive retro battleship and command your fleet in tactical battles.

ShellCore Command combines elements of strategy, shooters, and RPGs into an unusual genre-mix with a high level of customization.

Requires Flash Player 10.
Runs best on Firefox browser.
Inspired by Herzog Zwei and Warning Forever.



The guy below me gave a huge review

Me, not so much. Don't change much, a second tractor beam would be nice for instances of loot falling around and not being able to grab it... but at the same time not being able to grab more than one piece stops people from farming for parts. Credits are free enough that you can buy anything you need without farming. So, on second thought, don't change a thing.

The ships in the dead zones piss me off. Don't get rid of them... it's just that here I thought I was a bad ass being able to fly through the dead zones and suddenly I was swarmed. >_<

I played this for a solid 5 hours, and could have played for another 5 I think. When I got to the end of episode 1 I was crushed QQ.
Please hurry with episode 2!

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Excellent game

I could buy a game that looked somehow like that on Steam, but the difficulty of the game kept me away. When I saw yours I thought it was the same concept and I almost decided to stay away from it, but since I like this kind of game (when they are easy to understand), I gave it a shot.

Good points:
+I love how the guns just shoot by themselves, all you have to do is move around.
+You don't have to shield particular part of your ship, the shield covers it 100% always.
+Allies act by themselves unless asked otherwise.
+Building ship gives almost infinite possiblities.

Bad points:
-You can only have one tractor beam... Either add a part that can add more of them or make it we can tractor as many items as we want. I lost loot because I couldn't carry it around.
-Infinite space on the ship... While it is funny, I ended up with an indestructible battleship that moved super fast, shot around 20 lasers, 3 missiles, 15 cannons plus all the core repairers, energy refreshers and shell repairers needed to support the monster. I could fight in dead sectors easily. You should put a limit on parts you can add until you get the next "ship core level"
-Only one core/ship level. I'd like to see different kind of ships with different kind of base stats and weapon/equipment slot.
-More weapon levels.
-Have regenerating territories and permanent territories... It was very annoying to cross a sector where I had fought a war and supposedly won only to see the enemy is back in there again...

>Have your own base/territory/factory/whatever you want.
>More allies type and maybe give the player ranks. After a certain rank he could control the stations to produce certain type of allies depending on the situation.
>Stop the random damage in the dead territories. Instead, put debris and what not that if the player hits(make it so they'll have no choice but hit them), they will lose shell and core HP. Just random damage is weird and unimmersive.
>Have new quest like escort the station builder, escort the diplomat(you could add new factions with that idea, but I don't know if it would fit in the story you have in mind).
>Since finding stuff is so easy, maybe make some crafting system where you can melt stuff you find instead of selling it to get some material with which yo ucan build new weapons.
>With the above idea, maybe add a development part of the game where you need to do reasearch! (It would also go well with the idea of having your own base, just a thought.)
>You could also turn this into a huge scale war where systems are not taken via quests, but actually fighting for them and asking for station builders in the havens and stuff... I don't know... This game could grow so big!

I couldn't think of everything I wanted to put in the good, the bad or the suggestions section, but I think I gave you enoguh stuff to work on for Episode 2 for sure. It was a great game, I played without ever getting bored once(well, not until I had my invincible battleship with spammed equipments). It still could grow into something even more amzing given the time and the help from others probably. If you are good enough, I could see this as an indie game you could download for free(or for a price, if you are really that greedy) on the internet. Keep up the good work and you get a 10/5 from me!

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It mixes lots of different concepts and the result is unexpectedly amazing, you can fail at mixing different stuff together (RPG with top-down shooters) but you definitely made it, I've just caught a glimpse of everything this game has to offer but I'm already in love with it, this is FP material and if it doesn't shame on u NG

5/5 10/10 favd

Excellent game

Great game of action and strategy

This game is so much fun!

In all of is simplisity ,(no offence), this game has really caught my attention!
I've spent 5 hours already playing it, and you sir, have truly outdone yourself.
I wish I could give you constructive critisism, and I strive toward helping other people; however theres nothing to improve on this game, its just perfect!
10/10 for the great job and the loads of fun that I'm having right now!

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4.38 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
5:07 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)