ShellCore Command: Ep1

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Newborn 5 Points

Complete the tutorial

Casual Commander 10 Points

Complete all tasks at Haven 1.

All ur base r belong 2 us 25 Points

Win a Skirmish battle on hard difficulty

MidCore Commander 25 Points

Complete all tasks at Haven 2

Phat Lewt 25 Points

Collect a part of a BattleCore

HardCore Commander 50 Points

Complete the Campaign

ShellCore Commander 100 Points

Get a total achievement score of 30.000

Author Comments

Build a massive retro battleship and command your fleet in tactical battles.

ShellCore Command combines elements of strategy, shooters, and RPGs into an unusual genre-mix with a high level of customization.

Requires Flash Player 10.
Runs best on Firefox browser.
Inspired by Herzog Zwei and Warning Forever.



Episode 2

Can you make it where you can import your last game character from now on? If you can thanks! Great game by the way!

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Awesome! but...

Really awesome in every way EXCEPT 1: only one tractor beam and/or no cargo hold. could use a space idea where if a ship was this big it could have an x by x cargo hold and u fitted pieces in it (of just have a tractor beam module and it is super heavy) 2: sectors deleting after u leave them

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Woop Woop!

I've seen a lot of games on this site, many of which had this basic idea... but you took it further. Kickass battles, unique custuomization, in-depth campaign. BOOYAH

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could be better

Overall, the game was fine, but there was 2 things that bugged me:1) whenever you die in a sector, you respawn at at a haven. why not respawn at the point that you entered the sector at least? That way everything you did in the sector isnt erased. the other one was 2) erasing the sector as you leave. I finished a battle and had 2 pieces of loot. I can only carry one so i brought them close to the border and brought one across and my other one disappeared, and so did everything i did in the sector. next one, improve on this a little. thank you

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Good concept and all but this annoying glitch made me stop.
After i jumped to haven 2 to buy stuff, the game stoped and flashed a black screen.
Refreshed the page and went back to discover EVERY part i had, vanished!
Because of this, im giving a 8.

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Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
5:07 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)