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Deaf 5 Points

The sound of silence...

Frotteurism 5 Points

It's just too hard to resist...

Hospitalized 5 Points

Let's take this outside!

Quitter 5 Points

Only losers give up and go home alone.

Rejection 5 Points

Love hurts.

Scooter Rooter 5 Points

Fun to ride, but don't let anyone catch you on one.

The Flash 5 Points

Sometimes things are best kept to yourself!

Thirsty 5 Points

Nothing like that first taste of cold beer!

Violence 5 Points

Put em up.

Alpha Male 10 Points

Sometimes you just have to establish dominance.

Beached As 10 Points

Ohh noo! She's beached as bru!

Booze Hound 10 Points

Drink til you drop.

Cock Block 10 Points

Chicks before dicks.

Hungry 10 Points

They looked like mints, but they weren't at all!

Sleazebag 10 Points

Can anyone say... Date rape?

Experimenting 25 Points

Proven to double your chances!

Multicultural 25 Points

Ahh... There's nothing like a little Asian takeaway!

True Gentleman 25 Points

Treat her like a lady.

2's Company 3's... 50 Points

...a hell of a good time!

Casanova 50 Points

There's clearly no one that you can't please!

Score! 100 Points

You are officially the master of scoring!

Author Comments

Tonight is your night. Use your best moves and any means necessary to take someone home.

The game can be played over as many times as you like, each time try something new in order to take someone home or to win more special awards in the bar.

Everything in the game is controlled using text commands such as "Talk to bouncer". Also use the important commands listed in the game for more help.

"play" to begin!
"awards" to view awards achieved so far
"quit" to exit and try again
"mute" to stop/start the music
"Walkthrough" for help - If the walkthrough does not work you may have a popup blocker on. Go to this URL http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=wVwOq4SziBw
"erasealldata" if you want to start over (Be careful with this one)

Enjoy :)

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Funny game.

fun game needs a walk through for me lol

You can roofie a girls drink and the game talks about Asians being submissive?

How on Earth does this have so many good ratings?

Very fun almost like real chick scoring. The game is funny and captures the real feling of such interactions.

Love the medals and different endings and they all work!

A major thing that could be better - never accept "persuade" for a solution, instead make the hero find a way HOW to persuade the girl to do what she needs to be persuated.

Also flirting could be divided into more commands, how actually to do that and what actually to say with some hints.

Was looking for this game for a while. Played it before and it was hilarious (And still is).

Funny Edit: I just typed "Tell blonde that you are a doctor and make a lot of money and drive around the hood listening to lil durk, getting crunk, drinking a box of apple juice, and pissing on pedestrians" and it gave me the rejection medal lmao. Extra star for realism.

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
3:59 PM EST
Adventure - Other