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WH40K: SpaceHulk

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Comedy - Parody

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Feb 12, 2010 | 12:42 PM EST

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whimsical tales of the royally f%#ked

thank you Tom for front page and Daily 3rd!
When a huge wad of long lost starships breaks real space, the authorities aboard a passing space marine vessel order their men to board (because they've got nothing better to do.)

I decided to make this flash after joking around whilst playing the board game, 'space hulk' with friends on a rainy day last fall. After this episode, based on the board games first mission 'suicide mission,' hopefully ill get to animating some of the other 11 missions as additional episodes



Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was awesome. im too young to remember the original game but me and my friend play the new one. i love how u included the gameplay and mechanics and made it hilarious. keep it up. im lookin forward to the next one


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warhammer 40k+ Humor? That's extra heretical!

That is probably one of the best WH40k flashes i've seen in QUITE a while.
And,actually it's quite true. The old SpaceHulk was quite of a mess and this parodys this pretty well.

Also,the Librarian was awesom. NG needs more stuff like this.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good job!! I really enjoyed it so much!!

Agree 100% with the review by xVegetAx XD

Looking forward to see more of your work.

10/10 stars
5/5 vote panel



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lol what?

I don't get the storyline. how old is this game? I liked the voice/sound quality and it had very good animation. Plus I loved how everyone is a bit snarky lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, awesome!

I don't remember the board game, because I was just 5 when it came out, but I do however remember a playstation 1 video game. Space Hulk: Vengeance of The Blood Angels. I played it a few times, in the mid 90s. In this game, voice acting was cheesy, as it sounded like all the humans on there were a bunch of middle aged old fogeys. There were alot of knightly names in this game as well, some were cheesy. Sammael, Aradiel, Gideon, Ezeekiel, etc. The voices in this game also sounded like they had a skip to them, like they were cut from certain parts, and pasted between other words to form short sentences, which sounded cheesy.

But despite all this cheesiness, the Playstation 1 game had some great gameplay, it was repetitive somewhat, as were the missions, but still the gameplay in my opinion was great, the graphics were decent for its time, and it was unique how on some encounters with the gene stealers, if you were close enough, would engage in a head on battle with them, depending on what button you pressed, you or they would die in one hit. In this situation they could claw you and kill you, or you could block the claw with your fists or other assortments, shock them and win, when their defense is down, stab them with claws, or shoot them with a gun, but its best not to get in this situation with them, try to shoot them at a distance first. And the weapons were plentiful, should you switch to other knights to control them. Many different weapons, machine hand guns, heavy machine guns, flamers, claws, shockers, and a few others. And when you killed the gene stealers the gore was great and it stayed there, blood spatter on the walls, and random bodily chunks. It was overall a pretty lengthy satisfying action sci-fi game.

A funny moment in the video game would be, just as you displayed in your flash video (which you made fun of dearly), crowding the hallways, if knights were in a one walkway, one behind the other, and the one ahead just stood there, you'd hear something like this "Octavius, LET ME THROUGH!" Lmao, its hilarious, look up gameplay videos sometime. And objectives. "Ezeekiel, look..for..the..ARCHIVED RECORD!" Ezekiel: "I can..smell them...I HAVENT archived..RECORD!" LOL.

Now on to the review of this flash movie.

I could see it was clearly a parody of the Space Hulk universe, and a funny one at that, lots of funny moments indeed. You obviously intended to make fun of the board games and what not, but I've seen you parodize a good bit from the contents of the video game too, intentional or not. Great humor, you made my day making me laugh my arse off. "There gos my smile.." HAHA.

The flash graphics were the best, top notch, very expert. The flash characters had more of a cartoon appeal to them, which is good, because this is a parody comedic flash, so its good that its not like some failed parodies out there, trying to mix oil and water, this was executed efficiently, great freakin job.

And at the end, thats a very true parodic scene you made up, especially in the video game, where your in the situation, surrounded by gene stealers, and have completed the final objective, and no matter what is surrounding you, and about to hit you, as long as that objective is complete, boom, MISSION COMPLETE the forecaster says! YOUR SAFE! So yeah, great scene you made up parodizing that, seeing a soldier complete the mission, instead of escaping through a vent, or some other route, LITERALLY the monsters dissapear as if they are allergic to OBJECTIVE COMPLETE, hehe. If only that worked in movies, or in real life, that really would be convienant as the main character in your flash said.

Thanks for creating this, your work is appreciated, this didn't bring me back to the original board games, again sorry if I don't remember them, but it brought me back to the Playstation 1 era of the video game itself, so I still get to reminisce some nostalgic back in the day memories with that! Good times back some of those certain areas.

5/5 Vote Panel.

10 Stars.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant