WH40K: SpaceHulk

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whimsical tales of the royally f%#ked

thank you Tom for front page and Daily 3rd!
When a huge wad of long lost starships breaks real space, the authorities aboard a passing space marine vessel order their men to board (because they've got nothing better to do.)

I decided to make this flash after joking around whilst playing the board game, 'space hulk' with friends on a rainy day last fall. After this episode, based on the board games first mission 'suicide mission,' hopefully ill get to animating some of the other 11 missions as additional episodes


awesome as always!

u da man flashbound- your illustration skills are impecible!

one question! - how do u get ur lines to look kinda like they come to a point at the end of them...does that make sense?

unbelievable - PUT IT ON THE FRONT PAGE TOM!!!!

Loved the animation... I'm a 40K player. Never knew Librarians were so evil.


Can't wait for the next one.

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flashbound responds:

well thanks :D

very good, quite entertaining

I have never played WH40K before, but this was quite humorous. The animation wasn't bad and the drawing was really really good. One of my complains was the voice acting of the two men without helmets. It was kind of wooden, and some of the jokes fell flat. But other than that this was a surprisingly good little animation.

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Front page?!

I mean, you actually based it on space hulk with every single aspect correct of it, I say that because on most 40k parodies the creator *BEEPS* up most of the time so I assume its not completely wrong. But it extended my expectations. Deserves front page, I was laughing so hard, but it's very short, needs to be a few minutes longer really...

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flashbound responds:

its about 8 minutes long! :D

You guys did it again.

Haha i loved it guys especially the librarian part. ANimation was great, sound was great though voice acting could be a bit better. But i think you conveyed the hectic craziness that is space hulk. LOVED IT!

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4.39 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
12:42 PM EST
Comedy - Parody