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SSJ Bardock VS Cooler

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Woohoo! It is done! After a long (1 day) Of working! Nah i am just kidding, It's a test with my new Dragon Ball Z Sprite sheets! REMEMBER! The key word is 'TEST'!


Uh... hmm

This felt more like a .gif with sound than a flash video.
My biggest problem would be how long he held an energy ball above his head with no indication that the movie even started at the beginning. I actually checked to see if it was playing or paused.
Either make the energy ball increase in size when 'nothing' is happening or have a sound clue.
I'd also suggest a larger screen if you actually make a full movie. And make sure there's something more than a white background. That would be good.

It's an okay test

I do not know if you have read the rules, but it's considered common courtesy to not just put in tests here. Of course, I made something with a much lower score, so I am not one to talk. These do seem to be pretty interesting designs! I don't think I have ever heard of anyone use a SSj Bardock before! You managed to mash up some really cool characters together in this at least. It just needs a background and some music, but then again it is just a test.

alafraga responds:

Thank you!
SSJ bardock is not real! It is awesome to animate with a fake character. Thanks for putting up the PROS and not the CONS.
That is all i want.
Not saying I want to know if it is awesome and epic, you know what i mean.

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1.53 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
11:07 AM EST