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Can't Touch This! 5 Points

Touch a stink bug.

Awful! 10 Points

Complete a level with a score lower than 130k.

Not Bad. 25 Points

Score between 130k and 170k

Pollen Master! 25 Points

Use up all of your pollen.

Day Tripper 50 Points

Complete the daytime levels.

Fly By Night 50 Points

Complete the night levels.

Good! 50 Points

Score between 170k and 190k

Great! 50 Points

Score between 190k and 210k

Outstanding! 100 Points

Score over 210k

Perfect Game! 100 Points

Complete a level set without touching any stinkbugs.

Author Comments

Use your mouse to guide your bee and connect with the flowers to make them grow. Click the left mouse button to use your pollen reserves and bloom multiple flowers in one swoop!

Avoiding the stinkbugs will keep your score up, while completing levels swiftly will increase your bonus multiplier.

Once the crop has been rescued, hit the GO! button and continue on to the next field. Complete all fields and submit your score to be named "flowerBee Champion"!




Do you see thet multiplier thing on the bottom of the screen?
That one that decreases as time passes?
That's time based score for you :D

Good Game

its a good game, but its too easy. Also I got 5 Medals Already :D.

Well made but too easy

Overall, I found the game to be very well made, I loved the music in the night levels and the hit detection, graphics, and all that were very nice as well. But overall the game seemed WAY too easy. It took next to no effort to actually complete the game. Maybe something like more difficulties and obstacles could help with this.

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Not bad.

Childish but still pretty entertaining.


but the focus feels off, and its just my preference.
Basing the score on not touching the bugs or not using your pollens.

With this kinda game play, It would be funner to base the score on how fast you can complete it. Anyone can get "highscore" with the way you have it now, the cost is their patience. And sometimes using your patience can get boring. All you have to do is be very careful and you'll get a perfect A+.

But if it's a race against the clock there's suspense going on, you gotta beat level ASAP. And your skill is shown by how wisely you use your pollens. And of course hitting the bugs stuns you, aka wastes your time.

I would replay this game more likely if it was time based. What's the point of getting another "100%"?

If its time based, I could kinda play it several times to out do my self, or out do others The way it is now, you cant out do anyone.

Anyways, good effort, don't take anything i said in offense yo, just tryna help / share my point of view. Cya later aligator.

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Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
8:23 AM EST
Skill - Collect