Sheep Tosser

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If it looks like you hit the plant keep trying because it's set on the number, if the numbers are right it takes it as a hit, sorry about that, was some pretty crazy scripting to make this work. I hope you enjoy it even though it has some faults.



Clicking the speed and angle gets annoying, especially considering how you decided to give half digits as well instead of just making every click lower or raise the speed.

Also, why does my sheep fall through the ground? Is he in China now?

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Not terrible

You could make this a good game by having
obstructions fly across the screen randomly as you try and shoot.
also give a scoring mechanism, say.. +100 for the green item
-50 for red, -10 for hitting an obstruction. Also a time limit
to complete as many levels of increasing difficulty as possible.
you could then add trophies for say.. a score above ____ or
a no0b trophy for largest negative score when the times up.

Right now, as it.. the game doesn't work after level 1. Just a hint.

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Nice Idea

It's a nice idea for a game, as most of those tossing games are sort of one clicking to target the angle all that while this one allows one to choose the angle and speed.

I do believe that it's better for you to create a main menu and instructions menu. As I was abit confused in the beginning. I would also suggest you to make the targetted plant further away and add in a scroll so that players can scroll about through the game. It's abit confusing but what I mean is that the plant is out of the screen so players have to scroll to the left or right until they find the plant and the distance. Also it would also be good if a zooming button is accompanied with the scrolling thing.
Also, animate the sheep a little bit, like when it is going to hit the red plant, it will scream and splat when landed on the red plant.

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1.47 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2010
2:18 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling