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A tricky dice game, requiring a lot of guts and skill.

Note that this is a completely original game - it is not based on any existing dice games, commercial or otherwise. As such, the rules will not be intuitive to a first time player! I highly recommend that you read the instructions, or at least play the tutorial. Please don't complain about "bugs" if you don't read the instructions, as you probably just don't understand how the game works!


Amazingly clever game

This is one of the most original dice games I've played in a while. You did a great job crafting it.

I only wish there was an 'All In' option like in Texas Hold 'Em. It's very frustrating when you are low on cash and you want to risk it all on that one hand. It would definitely add to the tension if there was an All In option.

Other than that though, I love it. I might consider playing it for real and just assigning each die value a different symbol.

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Xopods responds:

The problem with the "all-in" option is that the pot isn't being contributed to equally by all players - it's just paid from fish to hook - and part of the point of the game is that only the fish has strategic options. For all-in to work as a concept, the other players would need to have the option of folding, which would change the game entirely.

There are, however, ways of building the pot when you're behind. Let's say you have 7 points, and the other two players have 11 and 13. If you have, say, 1 water, 1 fire, 1 skull and three people, instead of rerolling both the Fire and the Skull at once, you might reroll them one at a time. That way, you're likely to still be the fish after the first reroll, so you can boost the pot by 1 before rerolling a second time and hopefully becoming the hook and doubling the stakes.


This is a very original and enjoyable game. What's your inspiration for the rules? Because I can think of nothing similar. I found that bold action is much more likely to win the game than caution. I wonder if anyone else had a different experience?

The only thing missing here is more music options. A minor point, but keeps the game from getting a perfect score.

Thanks for the game! :D

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Xopods responds:

I wouldn't say I took inspiration from any one place. There are definite elements of Yahtzee, Nada, and pot limit poker here, but really, the final game is its own thing... it went through a lot of changes in development, and a lot of the rules were invented from scratch in order to balance things out and make the strategy interesting, and thus weren't taken from any specific source.

Re: the music, I agree, but that's a problem in general with the medium - compared to the graphics and code for a typical web game, music files are HUGE, and for some reason, Adobe has decided not to support e.g. MIDI, only MP3, which is very heavy. It seems silly to have 5 megs of music in a 1-meg game, which is why I went with just one relatively short loop.

Nice dice game

I do have a few complains with the rules tho ...

- Normal mode can last forever, no guarantee it ever ends
- Survival mode only take chips from you
- Tournament mode stresses how unfair to take the second place is

What I'd suggest:

- Normal mode: 2 options. Add a round limit or ask for antes (that ALL the players would have to pay). Or give the two options.
- Survival mode: remove it.
- Tournament mode: Use the ante system here too, r rounds means 3^r players. Each time 3 players are out (on all tables), rebuild tables with the remaining players (not only the ones who came out first, very much like poker tournaments). To be 100% fair you should let them duel as they wait but I guess it's not that necessary.

The flash itself was ok, with some kind of retro feeling and I liked it, good job!

- Khann

Xopods responds:

Survival mode is for people who want to try to get a "high score," as opposed to just winning or losing an individual match. If you're better than the AI, you'll beat Normal mode most of the time, unless you get very unlucky in a big pot. I suppose I could keep track of % of games won, which would be a measure of player consistency...

However, the point of Survival is to measure your strength in terms of $ per round. To last a long time in that, it's not enough to simply win more money than you lose - you need to master more advanced strategies in terms of building large pots when you have an advantage, in order to maximize profits.

I liked it at first...

The inherent problem is that there isn't a two-person version of the gameplay. In Hold 'Em, when there's only two people left the underdog can sometimes get a good hand, play well and win, but in this game second place is considered losing, which always makes you have to deal with two very boring AIs.

And about those, why do they reroll so infrequently? It's like they're content to just give trivial sums of money to each other without giving me a chance to roll for the hook!

Fun game, though. Much more interesting than standard dice.

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Xopods responds:

The AIs actually have personalities, defined by two parameters - Aggression and Guts - which are randomly set (on a scale of 1-10) at the game start. It could be that you just happened to be playing against two wimpy AIs.

In general, though, you're right that it's hard to come back from behind. Ideally, it'd be played as a "cash" gambling game, as opposed to tournament-style, so stack sizes wouldn't be an issues... but for an online Flash implementation, I felt I needed to give people a clear objective, rather than making the game open-ended.

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2010
6:10 PM EST
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