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A tricky dice game, requiring a lot of guts and skill.

Note that this is a completely original game - it is not based on any existing dice games, commercial or otherwise. As such, the rules will not be intuitive to a first time player! I highly recommend that you read the instructions, or at least play the tutorial. Please don't complain about "bugs" if you don't read the instructions, as you probably just don't understand how the game works!


Amazingly clever game

This is one of the most original dice games I've played in a while. You did a great job crafting it.

I only wish there was an 'All In' option like in Texas Hold 'Em. It's very frustrating when you are low on cash and you want to risk it all on that one hand. It would definitely add to the tension if there was an All In option.

Other than that though, I love it. I might consider playing it for real and just assigning each die value a different symbol.

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Xopods responds:

The problem with the "all-in" option is that the pot isn't being contributed to equally by all players - it's just paid from fish to hook - and part of the point of the game is that only the fish has strategic options. For all-in to work as a concept, the other players would need to have the option of folding, which would change the game entirely.

There are, however, ways of building the pot when you're behind. Let's say you have 7 points, and the other two players have 11 and 13. If you have, say, 1 water, 1 fire, 1 skull and three people, instead of rerolling both the Fire and the Skull at once, you might reroll them one at a time. That way, you're likely to still be the fish after the first reroll, so you can boost the pot by 1 before rerolling a second time and hopefully becoming the hook and doubling the stakes.

Nice job

Good game, man.. i would like to see it in some GDR like The Witcher, in future..

Xopods responds:

What does GDR stand for? I assume you mean that this would make a good minigame within a larger AAA title?

Nice Game

Nice Game Nice Animation and great loader make a series of games please

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Xopods responds:

I do have one other game out, called The Dark at the End of the Tunnel. It's a different genre, though. However, Tepiiku is already doing MUCH better than I expected, so I may take your advice and do other dice and card games. Thanks for the encouragement!

great game

I liked it a lot, good game dude

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2010
6:10 PM EST
Skill - Other