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5,000 Views on deviantART

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This was fun to work on...even though this was a minute long...I gave it all my Worth.
This was made for the 5,000 views for deviantART...
http://moon-manunit-42.de viantart.com /

Cartoon Broadway style song copyright Cartoon Network...


Kenny - Lazlo
Bot - Bloo
Mr Pain
Polar Bear

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This sounds very familiar...

I think this song was on Nickelodeon or something. I just can't remember what show. All in all, not to shabby.

Moon-manUnit-42 responds:

It was Cartoon Network, and Thank you!

its GREAT!

pretty good overall

EtherNexus is sexy enough

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Well, this content at least seems original, and I like things that are not a copy or an extremely explored theme.

"Do you really want to know?", "Not really."

Quite the flash movie you have here man. This flash was utterly hilarious! Plus, I haven't seen a good musical flash on Newgrounds in a long time. Surely enough, your flash came along!

The characters, animation, sound quality, and the song itself was great! The animation was pretty smooth, and I loved the cartoon style of it.

Above all great work man, and keep it up!

Moon-manUnit-42 responds:

Thank You!