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AniCreep2: Scream

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Author Comments

Very classic, very short comedy! O:<

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4em mne nrjavatsa tvoi korotkometrashki, tak eto tem 4to ani bqstro gruzatsa i potom tq ne zaleesh 4to nazal "play"...
zbz rabota!..

Artyluck responds:

Nekotorie zalejut))) rad 4to ti - neT ))))))

Anicreep, huh?

They are quite funny, in a certain point of view...

Artyluck responds:

Yeah, hehe... ^^


funny one.

Artyluck responds:

Thanks. ;) Too bad most of people thinks it's some crap spam, lol! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed a lil. xD



Artyluck responds:

Ha! :D


dunno why... but I kinda liked it =D

Artyluck responds:

I'm glad. :)