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Stark Tower Defense TD

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Author Comments

We produced this for Marvel Kids. As with all games we'd like to have added more but time ran out

We're happy with the design, effects but want to add in sets of levels instead of just the 50 standard ones.

We have received great feedback on our TD games on Newgrounds and will endeavour to make the any future TD games we do with these enhancements.

This game does feature 3 Boss enemies.

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Very good tower defense game featuring Marvel. Every thing everyone else says regarding graphics and game play is true. Very smooth, not too difficult and nice graphics!

Do you happen to have the numerical stats of each tower, enemy, tower upgrade stats for each enemy unit and the number of each enemy that come in each wave? I wish to try applying linear programming to tower defense games just too see if it can indeed be applied to such a problem.

Great Eye candy, but linear game play.

Aesthetically this game is great, but requires very little strategy after the first 5 rounds (on epic difficulty). Once my primary towers were positioned I built up the areas with the same kind and repeated this task till level 30. The entire right side ended up being covered with 90% Thor's Tower and a few Spidey's. It was fun watching them PEW PEW first a stages, but became a mundane task after that.

-Would be interested to see the enemies damage the towers on the way to the end point.

Aesthetics: 10
Gameplay: 5
Difficulty: 5

Overall: 7

Had a lot of fun.

Epic difficulty was TOUGH.

Great game

This is the best tower game ever! Just wish it wasn't about childrens x-men, adult x-men is much better as in uncanny x-men (1995), but the game is awesome, beat it, some more characters in the next one would be better, add the theme songs from the show if your allowed too~!

Quite good!

This is surprisingly a really decent Tower Defense. Good, smooth graphics. Well balanced. Two difficulties for those of us who suck at tower defense games.