Slap: The Last Episode

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Hey, since some of you guys like this I might put up a webpage of my work and stuff if anyone is interested in helping e-mail me.


This isn't very good at all...

Sorry I can't beleive it did so well..

Where do you get these ideas.

In the end I found the film entertaining yet somewhat poor "Why" do you ask? Well if you had not noticed yet yet I'm a very lazy man I hate keep having to keep on cliping on the button to keep the movie going I just want to sit back and relax. Even though there was no sound I didn't mind "metropolis" didn't have any sound, I think,
anyway the film was funny and that's all I can give it.

well poo

i always liked the reason to slap a child movies..... and yeah, a lot of people here are assholes.... i found th elist of all the people who suck here, and you forgot adambomb... he's an ass too

alright points for humor, humor is everything

usually i can't enjoy things with shitty
graphics, but this was definitely fucking funny.
kudos! kudos!
hey at least it isn't some shitty mp3 based movie with only two frames and a stupid parody song!
i need jello, rocketsauce jello!


Don't stop making slap!!! We need you! Oh sweet lordy, no!!!!

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Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2000
1:41 AM EDT
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