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I really liked avatar it was good. Avatar is a good movie.



...to see a point in this. Avatar was a good movie, but this... I don't even know what to say. It's like a fail advertisement for such a good movie, so fail, that it almost makes the meaning of the movie suffer too.
I have a few things to complain about.
1) The quality of the pictures were just horrible.
2) The voice acting was WAYY too grainy.
3) You just used two pictures... The least you could do is have them face each other.
4) The... Lipsyncing?.. Is pretty off. There's a difference between making the "lips" move at random times and actually making them go with the words. A huge difference.

2 for the effort

Sorry but it was bad.. really bad..

No sense of humor on this one, animation ok, but that's all.

Avatar Was A Brilliant Experience Indeed.

I remember seeing it in 3-d for the first time. I was awestruck... Never before in human have we been able to achieve such a level of special effects that would dive our heads deep into the most realistic science fiction fantasy world. Oh, and the pleasant thought of hot alien sex I had when I went home to bed that night. That too. It was the most immersible experience I ever had. This movie on the other hand is not good. In fact, it's pretty cheapo. It is poorly acted and consists of too photo graphs talking to each other. Just the thought of Happy Leet Gost using the success of another film to get a free pass makes me sick and makes me want to return to the beautiful world of Pandora.

HLG responds:

this is the best review ive ever recieved :')

This flash Sucks!

The lip syncing was horrible, and the voices were very monotone. I know you can do better, take ur time with your next flash

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Feb 10, 2010
2:33 PM EST