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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Feb 10, 2010 | 2:03 PM EST

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Author Comments

Colony is a Real-Time-Strategy game, where you build bases, accumulate resources, create troops, and command them on the battlefield to destroy the enemy forces. All battles are set up to be 2v2.

This was a very exciting game for me to develop because it is my first attempt at creating something multiplayer (that isn't turn based either!). Some of my major influences were Starcraft and Code Geass.

If you enjoy the music, give David Orr a shout, he developed a system where it builds the music as you go, so that it's not one long predictable loop :D You can also find an extended version of the soundtrack on his NG page: /audio/listen/299268

I hope you guys have fun! :D



PS: Sorry about the 'ArmorGames" lock earlier, there was a technical problem. Nothing is supposed to be locked in this version.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


i really hope this one dont end up like host D: nice game by the way :D


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As an Armorgames colony player, (it's been out on armorgames for forever now) I will tell you all i know about multiplayer.

The main trick is the rock paper scissors relationship.
Air beats ground, Ground beats antiair sakata, and antiair sakata beats air.
Therefore, you need all 3 types, which is why ur partner and you have to do both forge and post.
Missiles beat air, if used correctly. However you are compromising firepower.
Romans are the ultimate shield for all units, but Black queens decimate romans.

Most higher lvl players use baiting or attacking first strategies. For example, you see two phantoms next to opponents base with no hover support. You rush with your sakata and attack and get a kill. Or, you see hovers with no antair support. you rush with your phantoms and go in for the kill. Or, you see antair with no phantom or hover cover. You rush in with hovers to kill.
This also works if a type of unit is too far ahead of the general lump of units.
Another way to use this is to intentionally make a unit go ahead to draw out the rock paper scissors counter for it, which you will attack with your counter.
THEREFORE high level games are all going back and forth on the screen, with not much happening.

most simple stacking strategy, retreat your units to your base which will line them up nicely.
HoWeVer!!!!! Black queens are very vulnerable individually or in small groups. BUT!!!! if you let them stack, they will become invincible. 10 BQs can destroy a whole army of hover/sakata in 1 blow. You must not let BQ amounts to increase so that they can one hit k0 all your sakata.

There is a strategy, which i will refer to as the double scout rush.
Bank-Generator-Forge, spam scouts and rush in 2-3 waves. This is unbeatable if the opponent is not expecting it and if it is doubled. Generally it is not used out of respect.

The phantom spam strategy- (which i use all the time)- Race-Facist
Bank-Anotherbank-Upgrade a bank- Upgrade other bank- Armory, produce money- forge, spam some romans- upgrade forge, spam 3 sakata- spam phantoms, which will get you at least 10 phantoms before running dry temporarily.

Hover strat- Personally, I've observed that using capitalist is ideal for hover-ing. but, if you choose to still go facist, make two banks and an armory like the phantom spam strat. Then, make and upgrade a hospital. Get rid of a bank and make it an outpost which you will upgrade fully. After its upgraded get rid of bank for hospital. ARMORY IS NECESSARY FOR ENERGY, but getting a generator gets you too much energy, so armory lets you ahve a nice switch off.

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This is a great game.

All the way around fun. Multiplayer is a blast. And the effrects were great. If only you had more time... lol


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Great Game

Allies suck hard but i guess thats what makes the game great
good job

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


and challenging.....a very good game! Nice work!!