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Colony is a Real-Time-Strategy game, where you build bases, accumulate resources, create troops, and command them on the battlefield to destroy the enemy forces. All battles are set up to be 2v2.

This was a very exciting game for me to develop because it is my first attempt at creating something multiplayer (that isn't turn based either!). Some of my major influences were Starcraft and Code Geass.

If you enjoy the music, give David Orr a shout, he developed a system where it builds the music as you go, so that it's not one long predictable loop :D You can also find an extended version of the soundtrack on his NG page: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/299268

I hope you guys have fun! :D



PS: Sorry about the 'ArmorGames" lock earlier, there was a technical problem. Nothing is supposed to be locked in this version.


Sweet game!

I really enjoyed (and enjoy as I re-play in multiplayer) this game.
It has a nice format and the gameplay is good, strategy is basic but chalenging and its an overall nice game.

Things you might add on a secuel, or in an update are these:

· More slots. I just think that for cunstruction sites aren't quite enough. Even thoug I see that a limmited ammount of space gives you more to think about and it makes you need more your ally, you should be able to build more than 2 reactors, and still have space for a bank, armory and some troops..

·More control over your units. It's fine, I guess. I just would be much more comfterble if -in addition to the existing controls- you could just click a Big button somewhere in the center of the screen, showing your general troop movement.
ie: Instead of making a gigantic rectangle around all of your troops, just select "defend the base", or "hold your positions" to quickly set the "mood" of your whole army.

·More units. Units are fine, just adding some more (and some more buildings) would be nice. But there was a problem regarding how even these troops are.. I know expensive troops and missles should be stronger and more resistant, but not being able to destroy a Black queen with 4 missles is too much...

Well, thats kind of it..

Even thoug you could add some of this, I still think the game is great

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Colony 2?

COLONY TWO IS STARCRAFT 2! BUYS IT NOWS! It is much better than this game as well as better graphics and art. played it so much i got banned from playing it and now im stuck on flash games. :(


Not much could improve except for:

a: More units
b: More buildings/spaces

And Colony 2 Would be EPIC!!!
hopefully with more units, more buildings, supply pooling/sending?, 4 player base?, more building spaces, etc.

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Needs More People

I know you can't regulate this, but more people need to play the multiplayer. It still gets people playing it, which I love, but I just wish more people played the multiplayer.

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Great game

You know what i like most is that there is WORKING multiplayer some games say SERVER DOWN etc. etc. etc. but really liked this game

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4.37 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
2:03 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)