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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Feb 10, 2010 | 2:03 PM EST

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Author Comments

Colony is a Real-Time-Strategy game, where you build bases, accumulate resources, create troops, and command them on the battlefield to destroy the enemy forces. All battles are set up to be 2v2.

This was a very exciting game for me to develop because it is my first attempt at creating something multiplayer (that isn't turn based either!). Some of my major influences were Starcraft and Code Geass.

If you enjoy the music, give David Orr a shout, he developed a system where it builds the music as you go, so that it's not one long predictable loop :D You can also find an extended version of the soundtrack on his NG page: /audio/listen/299268

I hope you guys have fun! :D



PS: Sorry about the 'ArmorGames" lock earlier, there was a technical problem. Nothing is supposed to be locked in this version.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game

This is a great game, its smooth, the music is great, controls are great, everything is very nice. multiplayer makes it even better.

only thing is, u should put in a quality adjustment button, might get a little slow when too many bullets are flying at the same time

Also, this is a remake/improvement of Crimson Warfare(I think thats what its called). same concept, but more units and resources.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

to cdstephens...

You may be thinking about Epic War 1 2 and/or 3. Good game btw!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Enjoyed it, gotta play it again sometime (I have to go soon), congrats on a great game :D

Good Interface, good tutorial, some team work, good AI, creative design, names and graphics, and I can't think of all the other good things xD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

BRILLIANT GAME!!!! Lets vote 5 every single day!

I hope im dreaming... 3,91 of 5?! This game (my opinion) the best one on newgrounds (and armorgames). It has:

- a great concept with...
... possibility to chat with ally
... many great elements (units, buildings...)
- a great strategy with...
... a very good balance
... many, many tactical thoughts!
- multiplayer with
... anti-hacker program
... cool play modes
- great music and graphics for fine silt with...
... random music generator
... brilliant HUD, kick-ass units/buildings

So it has a genius gameplay! This score is way to low...

- - Overview - - -
Concept & transfer: 10 / 10
Creativity & ideas: 10 / 10
Tactic & Balance: 10 / 10

Music & Sounds: 5 / 5
Graphics: 5 / 5

Altogether: 40 / 40; 10 / 10

- - - Concept & transfer 10 / 10 - - -
The concept is the best I've ever seen - and I thought, such a good transfer for such a complicated concept is nearly impossible; but you did it perfectly! The idea is great - choosing between fascist, communist and capitalist; fighting war with help of forge or of outpost; communicating with the ally, giving orders to army, the 8 fields round the base, 4 belong to the player, and 4 to the ally... the concept and the transfer are awesome!!

- - - Creativity & ideas 10 / 10 - - -
Really nice story, gameplay is full of nice ideas, it's really diversified. The names you gave the units are pretty cool too.

- - - Tactic & Balance 10 / 10 - - -
With multiplayer, this cool tactical thoughts and this great balance, the game has potential to become sport. It's AWESOME! The player has to choose, if he is fascist, communist and capitalist, this he has to adapt his strategy (choosing forge or outpost or even both, but the third is not that effective), has to think what resources to produce, what units to deploy, what things to build, which he has to upgrade and so on... The pricing is absolutely great; both ways to fight war (forge, outpost) have exactly the same strength, although they are very different. Balancing really different things is hard, but you made it well. There are cool tactical thoughts, which are well balanced, in that game, and this is great. And to be with another computer against the enemy team makes the player feels arguably withal the darkness of this game. The things the KI is able to say are pretty numerous, generally, the KI is great coded... The possibility to chat with a human ally in multiplayer is great, and the detecting and castigating of cheaters is a really cool idea (but it's necessary too)

- - - Music & sound 5 / 5 - - -
Many, many songs... I love them all! Some of them are dire (in the positive way ^^'), fitting with graphics perfectly (again in the positive way ^^').

- - - Graphics 5 / 5 - - -
They are really great. The building design, the unit design, the dark background, the moon... everything is fitting with each other perfectly, its quiet dark for a flash game, and this is great done.

- - - Altogether 40 / 40; 10 / 10 - - -
For now, it's definitely my #1 favorite flash game on Newgrounds. I'm Voting 5 / 5 every single day - fighting for a better score!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Is this a resubmission or copy?

Because I definitely played a game like this before on NG with almost the exact same gameplay, tile development, governments, etc.

Krinn responds:

Hi, this game had been released for a while on AG, but this is the first time we've submitted it to NG.