Record of Dragon Burial 1

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We would like to thank Crossabre for his character art and animation contribution, and Edwyn Tiong as the SFX provider.

And of course, all the voice talents:
Phillip Sacramento
Nikki Wright

More more information on the project, please check out www.lifepoint1.com

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At this point it actually seems like this one would come out in better quality as video format rather than Flash! Hope you still have the source files. The quality really blurs here, compared to both your newer video-based stuff and the older in Flashy entirely.

As for the content itself though this is great. :) The second one was an even more clever finale, but this was great. Good character introduction, though at this point not so clear who you should really sympathize with... they all seem lethal.



I saw this on your site a while back. And I said to myself
"Cant wait till he puts a high quailty verison on newgrounds" But I see you just imported a Video witch is worse qualty than the video its self

Please for the next episode (witch is now availble on his site btw ;) ) Upload the flash file not the video

hmm not bad

i like the idea it is a bit original ninjas have been done before but i like this. the animation could use some work the voice acting and dialog as well. but other then that i can see this will have a good future down the road

see... this is why people on the internet amaze me

This is yet another great animation done by life point but then people say its like naruto... why? ninjas? what people fail to do is actually CONTRAST what the are actually comparing(when i refer to comparing i refer to similarities). yes this show has ninjas, so does naruto, and.... if u take your accusations seriously then would you like to hear me say "Evangelion neon genesis is a knock -off of the Gundam series because the used mechs" or the almighty fail right here:(NOTE THAT THESE THINGS I HAVE NOT SAID OR THOUGHT IN QUOTES) "Gundam00 and Code Geass are just alike. the creators of code geass are knock becasue they copied gundam00" u ask me how is this possible? hell i dont know. i cant blame anyone really, i mean there arent too many ninja shows around but that is ludicrous to say that this work of art is a knock off. and one more thing. its always the people who havent made any flash hating all the time man.

I have mixed feelings towards this.

Steve, Max, Omahdon, it's been some time since you submitted a cartoon here. Other than that, on with the review...

In terms of art and animation, while characters were decently drawn with some good shots, it felt rather generic. However, I like how you got Crossabre to help out since you aren't the best at those aspects. The setting is a nice change of pace from most of your stuff, but I think that you guys could use a bit of help in the diologue department as Sumova mentioned. As for the actual story, Even though it's the first episode; it could have been fleshed out a bit more. However, that's what interquels are for. Another thing that weakens this is the pacing, which felt too slow for something like this. You may want to remedy that as soon as possible if you do any more episodes. Then there is the sound; the music is good and Omahdon did a good job with the sound effects. On the other hand, the voice acting felt rather flat except for the screams. I know that D-Mac, Omahdon, and Tam Tu can do much better than what they did, but their voice deliveries were weakened by the diologue and the pacing issues that this cartoon has.

What I do like:
-Fresh setting
-Passable art quality
-Nice angle choices
-Good character designs so far
-Good sound effects and music

What I don't like:
-Uneven pacing
-Bad Diologue
-Sub-par voice acting
-Story could have been developed more, but that's what interquels are for.

Overall: As much as I'm for original and/or fresh content, the execution needs some work in order to become Top 50 material. Here's a seven out of ten from someone who liked Xin.

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4.14 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
1:12 PM EST