Record of Dragon Burial 1

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We would like to thank Crossabre for his character art and animation contribution, and Edwyn Tiong as the SFX provider.

And of course, all the voice talents:
Phillip Sacramento
Nikki Wright

More more information on the project, please check out www.lifepoint1.com



first of all the quality was horrible i mean dude you can do better then that and the story was just wierd and one MORE thing i didnt really get what happand when yu huan(whatever) almost fell on the spike things i mean he took a bit of his robe and walked on that?WHAT?!

deja vu

In a very bad way, i mean could u get anymore cliché?!? Everything about this was a rip-off and a poor one i might ad...


A lot of effort went into this. It was decent, but the running scene at the beginning, where he ran his his arms outstretched behind him was needless- contrary to what anime would have you believe, the only time that sort of pose is used is when the runner comes out of a dive roll to retain forward momentum, it allows you to run while your body is unbalanced, and even then it's only done for three or four steps before running normally.
The "Pathetic" bit at the end made me sick. Oh great, another vageta/sasuke/gaara/hiei aloof cold-hearted antihero type- is there a factory somewhere in taiwan mass-producing them?

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This definately deserved the front page, wayy to go guys. The way I took it, it was like Naruto, only 100 times more epic. Can't wait to see part two of this. Keep up the great work!

Can't wait to see more episodes!

I kinda have to agree that the characters are basic but otherwise good.

To everyone else that is wondering about backstory...you don't watch backstory in the first episode otherwise it wouldn't be back story. The creator gives you something interesting and open to invite you back to watch more episodes. Hopefully if this guy knows what he/she is doing they will unfold that as the series progresses.

It was a good anime style animation and I for one can't wait to see how this develops!

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
1:12 PM EST