Record of Dragon Burial 1

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We would like to thank Crossabre for his character art and animation contribution, and Edwyn Tiong as the SFX provider.

And of course, all the voice talents:
Phillip Sacramento
Nikki Wright

More more information on the project, please check out www.lifepoint1.com



Let's see now.

Overall: 8
Animation: 7
Style: 8
Music: 7
Plot: 6
Acting: 6
To be honest, I was being nice and bumped it up a little to encourage another episode. So far the cartoon offers little more than average quality. The chinese bent is a nice change of pace though.

The dialogue was that of a typical anime. "Fallen 13", " blah blah technique", one must note the tone of "pathetic" as well; just to give a few examples. Often enough, i hear groups of characters like the "band of seven" or "some-fancy-name technique" being used. Try not to do that.
I can't tell whether the voice actors were bad or it was just the dialogue. It seemed that there were pauses where there shouldn't be. Typical anime arbitrary sentences like, "they say you can't see your fingers in the forest", shouldn't be used too often. These sentences are okay for some characters as a way of telling the audience about them. There was the trapper though. He was bad. I'm glad he died. With a nice punt kick to the head too.
The animation is of the same anime-ish styles. However, the style was drawn to accommodate chinese clothing at least. As I don't know much about ancient chinese fashion, I can easily be mistaken and fooled.

There isn't too much to improve. You managed to keep me interested with a cliff hanger, but it won't work for very long. I suggest giving more meat plot-wise next time.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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Unoriginal, my ass

Funny you people say it is exactly like a bollywood made naruto wannabe
Honestly not everything with ninja's and anime will return to naruto

Plus, that flash was done thoroughly(its not some choppy flicks)
try doing that by yourself
It'll take you around 3-4 days or 2 days if your dedicated enough

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To a lot of the people under me. Granted this does feel like some mock off Naruto, but since when is this not better than some of the other things on NG. Its finally a series on NG where I'm actually interested in what happens. It has a lot to keep one watching and because it doesn't compare to a world famous manga/anime you trash on it? Grow up the lot of you seriously.

To the author: You could improve your animation techniques however, but its nothing that big. Keep making more.

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It takes alot of elements from other anime shows, and it feels like I'm watching a variation of one. Though the animation is better than I can do, it is not the best, but not the worst. I didn't mind the voice actors, though they aren't as good as some of the ones I've heard. =] I think it can be much better, but you are off to a good start. It was entertaining to watch at least. Good luck with the next one and you have alot of potential. =]

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F***in' lame

This was just unoriginal, like watching bollywood remake of Naruto

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
1:12 PM EST