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Do you have what it takes to be a Programming God?



I never submitted a score before, and i tried with this silly game and i came up being 5th XDDD, Bronze medal for me :D
Well, anyway, this is just a competition of seeing who has the fastest fingers. Kinda addictive.

Simple but efficent

Mausland remembers us the real interest of a game is gameplay and not only his content. However, this game is too short, but it's really usefull if we want evacuate quickly our stress or our rage :)

Interesting and fast paced

Kinda neat what you have here it does somewhat teach you to type abit faster or some sorta skills like that which i thought was pretty neat for this flash, i did however think you could have added more little effects like other stuff so that it was not just the one skill thing, but for the mostpart it is pretty good i thought, i didnt get much of a high score but it was pretty good regardless, the {MUSIC} was pretty neat aswell, kinda gave that sense of feeling that you are on a mission and goal to complete it, as for ways to improve on this i suppose you could add some other options as i stated before, to make it more of a game of sorts, but anyways good flash here, i liked it.

As stated before i would suggest adding some more game like features so it is not just one sided and all. maybe a mini game to do after somany points and all, wouldnt hurt, anyways good luck on anything you have planned for this and future flash stuff.

fun and fast but could still have something more to it, anyways good luck on your next one.


Pretty fun

W0oT!!! Got 13th highest score by mehself! Also, this pretty fun since its just a tapping game

Daily 12th!

THIS. IS. AWESHUM! (not sparta)
besides, whoever that can make a game that makes the user press askl over and over again without being bored is the true Programming God.
Go Wiesi, Go Wiesi!
P.S: grab a buddy. Make him/her tap as over and over again while you tap kl. This is cheap, and I havn't got anyone to do it with me, this is what all the 1-100 people do.

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3.96 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
5:44 AM EST
Skill - Typing