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Chibi Awesome

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Author Comments

I've been playing around with the idea to make this movie for a long time, and I finally did, I'm a huge fan of Egoraptor and his work, now I can pay tribute to his animations.

If you didn't know this already Chibi-Robo is a cute little game where you go around a house picking up garbage as a 3 inch robot. This is my interpretation of it.

comments and criticism are appreciated!

EDIT 2/12/10:
Okay, when I said comments and criticism are appreciated, I kinda meant on the animation itself, not that I ripped off Egoraptor and all that crap, I asked him what he though of it, and he said that it was pretty good, so from now on if you are going to review it, I'd appreciate it if it was on the actual animation, and not so much on that I made an tribute to one of my favorite animators and I just wanted to share it with you guys...

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Well I didn't need to see the author to know egoraptor didn't make this. But it's barely enough to be a worthy homage.


Pretty good just put more enthusiasm into the characters and your good to go :D

6 for effort

I know these can but difficult to make sometimes, but this... wasn't even a funny random. Good luck next time!

eh, nothing special

could have been alot better.

PRIME responds:

could have been a lot worse.


liked it!