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The Only Thing I Know

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Author Comments

This has been the most difficult film I have ever made, because its meaning is very true to my soul. For too much of my life I have been a mindless consumer of time. Hopelessly placing value in things that never gave an ounce of value back. Now that I am older, I worry endlessly that this new generation is making the same mistakes I now deeply regret.

In the end, I hope my message is honest and clear. Whether you agree with me or not, please share you thoughts, spark meaningful discussions, and share this film with everyone you know.

Special thanks to all those who have been my strength - and to all of you for taking a moment to open your minds =)


Interesting Viewpoint

Thought provoking. I feel like you could replace "video games" with any form of entertainment though. By choosing to do one thing, you are not doing something else, no matter what you choose to do. That makes life sound like a lose, lose scenario doesn't it? I think your key question, are games a waste of time, is a good question. The answer differs from person to person. It also depends on what kind of games they play.

My experience with games has been vastly different than yours, so I can't say I agree with you, or your message entirely. I also do not play MMO rpg's, which I felt was the main target of your video. I play games to experience an interactive story generally. Stories, and characters than then inspire me to write movies and shiii.

Good Message

I've known people in your type of situation where they failed out of school and relationships because of they MMORPGs like WOW even games Halo. They became so absorbed in that false reality its sad. I play video games like myself I never played computer games like SIMS or MMO games i guess i always considered those type of games to be nerd games and felt i would get too involved if i ever started. I simply don't have much time for games anymore too busy with other things. Its hard to simply put down the controller but I hope your message reaches someone who is having a problem getting their life together.


i love it and hate it so friggin much!
and OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BURNT WOW!!! ("Burning Crusaides" lol [I didnt know what to do, laugh or cry...})
jeez... well uh, good for you?
*erhm -hypocrite- *eherm
jk lol!


First of all, it is made extremely well made. The art works very well, and truly adds to the whole effect. The music is the same way. It really adds to the story you're trying to tell and the lesson you're trying to teach.

I have to agree with all that you said. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember (16 years old right now). I recall sitting at the TV playing Mario Kart 64 with my two older sisters (5 years older than I). And just this morning, one of the first things I did was look up what the new DSiware games are. Videogames are just a part of my life. They have always been there for me through thick and thin so I've clung onto them. I've never really had any sort of social life. In total, I'd say that I have had... 5 close friends. One moved away physically, one moved away from our group mentally (moved to different friends), and the other two are twins who to be honest, from what I can tell they only have a couple other real friends themselves who live nearby.

So yeah, I've always been that guy who sits alone at the computer or the TV at home because that's all I've known. Over the past couple years, however, I gained a hope. I'm still in high school. I'm a junior. So that means I'll go to college soon. College is that one hope I'm clinging onto. I'm hoping that somehow whenever I go to college, everything will change. I'll become more social, I'll have a girlfriend, I'll have a bunch of friends, life will be great. But the main fear is why should college be so radically different? I mean, there will be some differences, but the exact opposite?

One of my other plans for college was... WoW. I figured that maybe in college I'd start up playing WoW. I've always wanted to. It seems like fun. I've never really played any good, "real" MMORPG before. However, I'm starting to reconsider this after watching. I'm not saying that games would be the only reason that I currently have 0 social life, but I'd say that they are a big part in it. I have been content with games. I feel a sense of accomplishment as if I have actually dome something good and productive when I get every single star in Super Mario Galaxy (all 200some). But the time I've spent playing games and being content all the years has made me fine with just sitting at home in front of the computer accomplishing nothing. Right now, to the right of my computer is my DS case. In it are 43 games. Each DS game costs like $30. I've thrown away over a thousand dollars in DS games. However, in just a few years, those games will be outdated and I may only play one or two of them ever again.

All in all, your message truly hits home for me and I'm sure for the countless others who have watched this video. Thank you.

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Wonderful piece

Well thought out, well made and (even if it is a little pretentious) a very moving work of art! Great job!

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Feb 9, 2010
8:22 PM EST
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