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The Only Thing I Know

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This has been the most difficult film I have ever made, because its meaning is very true to my soul. For too much of my life I have been a mindless consumer of time. Hopelessly placing value in things that never gave an ounce of value back. Now that I am older, I worry endlessly that this new generation is making the same mistakes I now deeply regret.

In the end, I hope my message is honest and clear. Whether you agree with me or not, please share you thoughts, spark meaningful discussions, and share this film with everyone you know.

Special thanks to all those who have been my strength - and to all of you for taking a moment to open your minds =)



Words cannot describe how epic that video was, or at least in my own opinion. The entire thing just seemed to lead to one great message and I feel sorry for anyone who takes offense to this movie. It's all true, too. My friend's sister spends hours upon hours each day playing World of Warcraft and since she's begun playing, her social abilities and responsibilities at home have declined severely. While I don't think anyone should completely shun videogames for fear of it ruining their life, I do think that a lot of people need to get off of Xbox Live and go outside everyday. I think there's a lot of people that need to take a break from it and accept personal responsibility for the life they've chosen. All in all, I think this was a great movie.

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Wonderful piece

Well thought out, well made and (even if it is a little pretentious) a very moving work of art! Great job!

Fooly cooly

Sounds like you couldn't find the balance. I know a lot of people that had trouble finding that balance, like half of my guildies in WoW. I'm not a track runner but I still go out and play football with my friends here and there. I spend time with my girlfriend whenever we both have free time, even if that means that we have to do it online (we both play games together). The most difficult part of being a gamer is finding the balance between gaming and reality. It's hard to be found, but it can be there. It's just like you said, you need to find the community. My community is the friends that I hang out with and have lan parties with, the ones that I talk to on a daily basis. For many people, that balance seems impossible to find. I know that if I really had to, I'd give up gaming because it's only an activity I have to have fun and pass time. It's a great way to relax and enjoy the time you want to spend alone, and it's also a great way to spend some time with friends that had to move across the nation because of their job or for school. Sorry that you were unable to find that delicate balance, but at least you learned something from it.

Very Good

I totally agree. There is nothing I can say to improve this. I don't even believe that this was a lecture. More like an inspiration. Good work.

This is great

Good animation, good point, good job.

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Feb 9, 2010
8:22 PM EST
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