The Only Thing I Know

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This has been the most difficult film I have ever made, because its meaning is very true to my soul. For too much of my life I have been a mindless consumer of time. Hopelessly placing value in things that never gave an ounce of value back. Now that I am older, I worry endlessly that this new generation is making the same mistakes I now deeply regret.

In the end, I hope my message is honest and clear. Whether you agree with me or not, please share you thoughts, spark meaningful discussions, and share this film with everyone you know.

Special thanks to all those who have been my strength - and to all of you for taking a moment to open your minds =)


I have close to 5 level 80 characters.

I really need to quit WoW. Well this was kind of eye opening I suppose. Just recently I've been forced to quit school due to medical reasons. Furthermore, all my fieinds seem to have moved out of state. These past months I've been doing nothing but sitting at home playing WoW. I really need to get out more. I suppose I suffer from a lack of motivation, however. I'm no doubt addicted to my video game life, and never developed and real social skills. I feel fucked as I sit at home not knowing how to really communicate with others except over vent. I keep thinking "Come this summer, I'm going to get out there and do things!" Yeah right. I need to take the first step getting out of this life style as soon as possible. I just don't know where to start. Thanks for the great video.

may i?

i am going to call you a morron!
if you dont play you should sell it, not burn it!!!

thank you for your advice

and he has got a piont ignore it or not but if you play video games atleast go outside and enjoy your self while you still can

Very Eye-opening

I realize now, like Brian, that I have spent a lot of my life playing video games. I grew up with the Sony and Nintendo gaming sysytems, and I loved to play them almost everyday.

I know now what I must do......Go into my basement, shut off all the light, grab a bottle of Coke or Pepsi(which ever I find more available at the moment), log onto Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online and kill some people to achieve a virtual award that will have little to no benefit towards my future! WOOOOO!

Nah, but seriously, this is a moving piece. Excellent job.

So very refreshing, as well as eye opening.

Lets face it, Newgrounds is a great site, but like all others, they have favorites. Anime Tributes, Hentai, Video Game Parodies, etc... For once it's nice to see something on the Front Page that damn well deserves to be there, not just for a few weeks, but in my opinion, the entire remaining life time of the site. I'm 20 years old. I have no friends, no life, no skills. NOTHING. Sure I've got >9000 Achievements, but I can't put those on a resume, I can't impress a girl with something so utterly fake. I was in a state of denial, believing what my parents always told me was wrong, and now I see that I was the only one that was truly wrong. I once had a life, I once had friends, I once was on my way to a great career. Yet, I threw it all away to make time for gaming. I threw spending the night out with my friends away so I could level just one more character, finish just one more quest. The sad realization being, that those quests never ended, ever. My friends drifted away from me, no longer trying to pull me out of my self imposed isolation, and eventually no one but myself was left. I was once in college, a paid scholarship, and I denied it. For more than one reason, but the one that dominated it was "I don't have time for gaming" For GAMING. Like it's going to help me survive in the Real World. Irregardless, I guess what I wanted to say was that your message has been heard, at least by one person, and it changed his life. I'm going to start tending to what I've neglected for so long. Thank you good sir, and may your future be filled with promise.

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