The Only Thing I Know

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This has been the most difficult film I have ever made, because its meaning is very true to my soul. For too much of my life I have been a mindless consumer of time. Hopelessly placing value in things that never gave an ounce of value back. Now that I am older, I worry endlessly that this new generation is making the same mistakes I now deeply regret.

In the end, I hope my message is honest and clear. Whether you agree with me or not, please share you thoughts, spark meaningful discussions, and share this film with everyone you know.

Special thanks to all those who have been my strength - and to all of you for taking a moment to open your minds =)


So True......

i am not addicted to games (yet...) but I can relate to what you are saying. We will all face our comeuppance one day.
Very moving.

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luckely i can combine them ^^ im a gamer ... and have a social live soooooo im not the same like u

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Moving piece of work

This video was a spectacular representation of the problems facing the youth of today concerning video game addiction. It personally touches home with me, being a former every day gamer and having friends who are lost in virtual reality. Thank you for your effort in bringing this to us.

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True. Unfortunately, too true.

The only thing I know, is that I know nothing. (Sorry, wanted to complete the title. Trying to make a joke -.-)

I'd love to join that Burning Crusade, but I've never played WoW. Nor do I have a facebook. I do however spend far too much time on games, but it's in a way to cope. Life sucks, so I want to escape reality. Reality is the prison with people as guards that hate you getting out, so life sucks more, thus I want to escape more. Thus the cycle of life sucking and me attempting to escape. *sigh* Perhaps if there were something more INTERESTING in life to get me...

I loved the movie, partly because of the pictures (basically all but the convention) being so funny. But don't think I didn't pay attention. I did. Games suck up your life-no doubt about it. Get hooked on one game, you're bound to get hooked by more. It's best to play as few as possible, and it's easy to get addicted.

But games not only can bring people together (should they bother getting up), there is a chance they could teach something about life. Educational games. However, these are few and so far between you could stick a black hole between them and nobody would notice for years, so it's best to just stick to life's experiences to teach you. Life is the greatest teacher, however the hardest to get along with.

Saying that, I also feel games are one of the few interesting things in life. Some form of entertainment keeps it going. I'm not saying your entire life should be video games, believe me, it shouldn't be. I knew one guy in school who had a brother who worked for Blizzard, and had he paid for all of what he did on WoW (he got free because of his brother) he would've spent around a thousand dollars-and that's just so far. I say good for him for getting it free, but shame on him for getting past the $500 mark.

Good luck to you bringing your life together. Games should only be on the side unless it's your occupation (which I envy anyone who has an occupation playing video games). Loved what you did with the video, and believe I understand what it meant. Should you choose to dabble in games more, focus on your life. People should, and rarely do. (Hell, I don't. I'm sure I'll regret that before too long.)

I feel like I'm rambling...so I'll end with the bitter truth few like to hear, and most probably know, and that everyone should know.
You only get one life to live.

So make it count. There are no save states, no save points, no memory cards, no backup files. You get one game. When you hit Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Learn your lesson. Don't abuse the only chance you get in life. And please, PLEASE please please, DON'T ruin it. There is no "Continue", no "New Game", none of that. "Game Over" doesn't just mean "Game Over-You lose-Try Again-Go Home", it means you're no longer here. Buh-bye. Don't ask to try again, because you don't get that second chance. When life throws a punch, throw one back. Don't just sit there and wait for the next. Get up, do something with your life. Don't be me here sitting around playing another game. Get on with your life, be well known and liked by many people. Get off of facebook and to talk to someone.

PS: You know you spend too long indoors when you're whiter than your bleached clothes, and an albino. Get a tan. Go outside. Don't be stupid. (And no, thankfully I don't know anyone that could use a tan that bad.)


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Halfway through the film....

.....I thought about one of my goals in life. No, it's not to finally beat SMB (though I have done that before), or becoming the pokemon world champion, but rather bringing pokemon to real life - yes, real life! The possibilities, I thought, were endless, and could make life much better for everyone! But, as I watched the film, I almost completely threw the idea into the mental trash can. But, after the first half, it was almost as if you said, "Go on - do it! There's no shame if you're with friends."

On several occasions, this brought a tear to the eye. Very touching to my generation of middle and high school kids.

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