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The Only Thing I Know

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Author Comments

This has been the most difficult film I have ever made, because its meaning is very true to my soul. For too much of my life I have been a mindless consumer of time. Hopelessly placing value in things that never gave an ounce of value back. Now that I am older, I worry endlessly that this new generation is making the same mistakes I now deeply regret.

In the end, I hope my message is honest and clear. Whether you agree with me or not, please share you thoughts, spark meaningful discussions, and share this film with everyone you know.

Special thanks to all those who have been my strength - and to all of you for taking a moment to open your minds =)

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i rate it five cause it was really what it had to be...

inspiring and very awesome... especially that calendar thing and your calculations bravo !

but to say one thing... i may have lost a life and so much hours of my life doing video games... but this is not the worst thing that can happen to guys in our generation !!

i am very agree there must be some clear judgments about it... but what else i could do ? i could make friends , but i'm not a friendly type... you never know what if you would turn worse ?!?!

Thx for the informative vid, it goes for alot of other "pleasures" in life too I admit I was addicted to videogames and they consumed my time as well.Anything that helps to escape your true reality only covers it up and I found myself isolated. I totally understand you and why would anyone be mad at you its life we are tempted by thngs everyday and the best way to overcome those temptations is to share and interact otherwise u will be alone in your sea of addiction and sorrow. The best way to deal with this is to surround yourself with a network of friends and family so when the addiction becomes too much and you want to stop is to just talk and share :) Like what u did by this animation it is hard to be truthful about yourself but if u have friends to share your thoughts with and likes u can find ways to overcome the pressure and guilt and become a more productive person :)

i understand the point you're trying to make and the animation is really good. but my problem is that, video games in my humble opinion, are art and even though you may be dumping in a ton of time into them, it REALLY is just about finding a balance. I'm in highschool, i have a 3.2 GPA, on the cross country team and chorus, have a social life, a girlfriend,and STILL have time for video games. But to go back to my first point. They having meaning to me by being art. they're like say, a painting or a movie or a book. They deserve to be looked at and analyzed as high art. Now sure, not every game is going to be an incredible master piece. but there are games that are, such as dark souls or bioshock. I think of them as high art and will continue to game regardless of what anyone tells me. Because it brings people together, makes me happy, makes me more creative, and is art that should be studied.

After watching this my mind was blown