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Author Comments

Ok, this took WAY too long to finish! I'm just glad it barely squeezed by the 10MB limit!
This was the first prize for one of my contests on DeviantART; a full request flash animation! And I gott admit, I outdid myself on this one!
The two "Sonic" looking characters belong to Shide-Dy on DA. Not mine.
Either way, hope you like it! Lemme know what you think!
EDIT; Sorry, The red one's name is "SHAMIX" not Shadix. My bad...


a good job

the foxes are not yours i believe you said? oh well, anthropomorphic (YES that is a word, it means to put human characteristics on a non human organism, dictionary dot com says so) animals are just fictional characters, and i do enjoy using them in a good rp. there are two forms of it, the more comic based (as seen in the sonic series everyone references for those, but not limited to necessarily) and a more anatomically correct version (these are more human than animal, sometimes). quite often a sonic anthro is a character put in a style that the artist is good at drawing

long story short, accept furries for what they are, fictional characters not worth the putting down of. they are just a style of creating a OC

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Toughset responds:

Well yeah, they're not mine, so I'm not offended at all! And I hope I didn't offend you in the process...

Keep studying other's work

to get ideas on how to fill in the blanks.

Good action.
Good music.
Good drama.

Just touch it up a bit, eh?


Toughset responds:

Yeah, I rushed through a few of the parts. It was taking over 4 months to finish with delays and all, and I was getting frustrated...


Sound 7/10
Plot 4/10
Effects 5/10
Overall 5.4/10

It's alright. Not really intresting.

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Toughset responds:

Yeah, it's not the best. But it's what the winner of the contest wanted!

I hate to say this

As of right now, your forte seems to be drawing robots and vehicles. The sonic characters really only hurt the overall look of the piece. Other than that, the animation is decent and the robots look pretty good. Nice job.

Toughset responds:

Yeah, I like the tech stuff. But it was a prize, and that's what the person wanted!

Not unworthy.

I feel a love/dislike relationship with the animation. While it was very clean looking and flowed with the music the background seemed a bit dull. The characters and bikes had enough detail and color but the rest seemed to be a bit bland.

Toughset responds:

I admit, I only found out you can transfer Photoshop layers into Flash about halfway through production.

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2010
7:27 PM EST