Atheist Armageddon

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I would like to hear your feedback on my first Flash project. This is a side-scrolling beat-em-up game with gameplay similar to Kung-Fu Master.

Official site: http://www.chriskallen.co m/aa



Again, an atheist proves their hypocrisy by saying how religion is evil, and the only solution is to kill them all. As far as gameplay, it's really simplistic and doesn't take much effort or skill to beat. Except on hard, when they kill in 1 hit. This is a truly bad game. Crappy animation, unoriginal gameplay, and hypocritical bullshit message.

Another raving Athiest

Well it's true, myself being an atheist can say this. I get sick and tired of religion being pushed on me, however I do not hate religion itself. What's life if there's no point? Nothing, which is why so many have to believe in something. Personally I would love to believe that their is a god who more or less has a naught and nice list...but I cannot in good conscience believe in something just because it's lonely without it. This game doesn't reflect atheism in any light, we just want proof is all.

As for the game itself, it's got good responsiveness, but the blandness of the graphics don't do it any justice. Also, if you have to make a statement, you should take a moment to think about what you really want to portray, only then will you be taken seriously.

appetite4deduction responds:

Folks, let's not forget that this Flash project is numero uno for me. A lot of things were thrown together because I had to work fast. Next time, I'll get a pro artist.


Great concept, if the game was a bit more fluid and graphically inspiring I'd play more.

I think your on the right track with the concept of it, no matter what the naysayers say. Just apply yourself a bit more and you'll have an ace game in no time!

How typical and uninspiring...

Another whiny atheist on a soapbox spreading his hatred of the faithful and responding with violence. Encouraging and supporting nothing wholesome, and instead basing his ideology around utter contempt for everyone else.

appetite4deduction responds:

The scorecard of the religious in terms of hating is WAY ahead of atheists. Ever play Left Behind?


As an Atheist I cannot condone this game as what we practice. We Atheists are not here to try and make fun of others religions ofr put thme down. We keep our morals to ourselves and that's that. We do not hate religion in anyway, we just fin that the people who believe are ignorant. But you sure, should have made this more suitable. 0/5 0/10

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2.10 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2010
6:05 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler