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Episode three, the last episode before my period, *cough* uhh, I mean my operation. All spritesby Nintendo or Spriters-resource, animated by CubePanda, story by Greatwh1teshark and Nintendo. Next flash on the list... TIEA... In this episode, Link finally battles it out with his inner evil. Who wins? You decide! Well you don't actually. MUTHA FUKAAAAAAS



It was okay... but nothing special. The sword sprite which green link had didn't really do much justice, the special effects were kinda lame, there was absolutely no readable text (unless you strained your eyes), and there is no way to tell that you have to click the sword that looked like it was made from the unedited color pallet.

CubePanda responds:

Meh, I know.


While it was better than many of the things put forth onto Newgrounds, it still could use some work. One of the easiest things to fix would be making the text a bit thicker so it's easier to read. Some variance in the animations would work wonders as well. Something like standing still instead of walking in place would be nice, as well as some screen movement; zooming in a bit on fights, some close-ups to cue emotion, etc. A good effort, just needs a bit more :)

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CubePanda responds:

That has got to be the best review ever. Thanks.

There can only be One!

Hey man, I loved the fight and Highlander part where Link kept slashing Dark Link, it looked really good, nice job. I'll have episode 4 ready for you after your operation.

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CubePanda responds:

Thanks man, It'll be a while after the operation I start animating, and I might generally not be on much anyway, but thanks for the review!

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2.51 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2010
1:46 PM EST