Dangerous race!

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Made with Flipnote Studio.


Much better than flips are fighting

The animation was a bit more smooth and the overall movie was much more dynamic and lively than flips are fighting.

I would recommend simply making this much longer than a few seconds since you have tons of potential to do things with flipnote.

while you are limited to 2 colors on flipnotes however this didn't stop other flipnote animators from changing colors in different frames or even thinking up creative work arounds for the color limitations of flipnotes.

While that is a bit advanced it is much more interesting than using the red brush for strictly blood whenever your stickman crashes into some spikes.

but it is the simple thing of simply making your movie longer is what will be your saving grace.


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Now this was certainly not the worst i have seen.
The stickman is a good character used in many game and animations so that's not the problem.
But you should make longer and use more characters and put some humor in it.
Just keep trying and you will get a great animation.


Its good for just a doodle. I think you should take a little more time with it and i guarantee it could be something great.


Not the worst piece of crud ive ever seen, but it should be longer.

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it was ok

work a bit more on it, it was a bit to short and the loop wasn't timed properly give it a bit more work ad maybe more obstacles and time the loop better because its the little things that count

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1.23 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
9:48 PM EST