World War II project

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hey, uhhh... this is a project i did for social studies. its not very fun, but i put some effort into so i thought id put it up. enjoy

hey guys, I know the sound is way too low, Im working on finding a way to fix it, i think i need a new mic. but hopefully i'll find something that works.


Good sync

Good job on the mouth sync. You might add a few more different forms for the mouth to make it look a bit more natural. Also, the sound was far too low, even with the volume turned all the way up.

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Sound is too low.

my volume is at maximum and I can't hear what hes saying. Please put it louder.

Worst sound ever.

I had to turn my speakers up beyond reason to hear this, and when I could the quality was terrible.

Lip syncing was better then some, and it wasn't terrible animation. I can see why you posted it.

I liked his scooter.

Not Bad

I liked it. I actually learned something. However, I would recommend getting a better Mic. Sound quality is bad.

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That was a pretty awesome movie my friend!The lip syncing was really spot-on!Same goes for the drawing and animation.But one point off because I turned my sound up to full blast and I still had a hard time hearing everything.Sound quality?work on it a bit.But for everything else in making flash,you've pretty much got it all down.One more thing though,I found him to be shifting to the same positions way too much.Maybe you could have just added more poses so the viewers wouldn't get bored of the same animation material?

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2.76 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
9:40 PM EST
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