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Haha sick, 3rd place and front page. I'm getting a lot of complaints that I stole this from the TI calculator puzzle game. First of all guys, check the credits and do your research. Secondly, people use concepts all the time. I don't see you calling shenanigans when someone remakes Tetris on here, or Mario. It's like covering a song. The fact is, I programmed it myself, I did the artwork myself, and apart from the breaking tiles and level sharing this game is derived from the TI one which I gave credit for.

This game has been in the works for several months, and it's finally done. It includes 25 levels, but the main attraction is the ability to design your own levels and share them with the world. Just visit the Designer from the main menu to give it a try. Oh, and hit Space to restart a level and bring back up the how-to.

I love to hear your input, so please vote and leave a review if you'd like. This will probably be my last submission here, under this account anyway.


so original

if you get medals, this game is completely golden.

Brings me back to high school

this game was on my T-84 Calculator in high school. Nothing new.

pretty cool

its such a cool game
very challenging

A solid game.

While not the flashiest or most unique thing on Newgrounds, this game gets it right where it counts: It's fun. The simple design of the game makes it so that the puzzles reach that right balance of fun and challenge and the level editor provides for hours of enjoyment. The sound effects are crisp and effective and the use of the menu track is nice. I would, however, have liked to have seen music playing while in-game, but that really wasn't a deal breaker. All and all, this was a fun thing to play and I'm glad you put it on Newgrounds. It's a shame that this had to be your swan song.

Neat little game

Quite challanging, but fun, and i agree that it needs music, even the menu music flowing through the whole game would be better than nothing, assuming it came with a mute button.

heres my level should anyone care to play it:

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It is possible; if you get too bored/frustrated then import to the level editor and skip ahead a bit.

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3.74 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
5:56 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding