I Love Jesse

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A short film about an ecstatic fan club being scrutinized by the law, but one girl can't avoid it anymore.

I started this project this time last year as an animatic but it became dormant. Recently after being motivated to animate I picked it up again, changed the story around and 107 hours later over 4 weeks we have this film.

There are a few holes in the story and allegory but hopefully you'll be able to fill them in...

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That's how I feel

Really good flash I feel that way sometimes. The feeling you can never escape that just looms over your shoulder all day long sometimes for month or years but look at the bright side it is a feeling and those change it is nothing more nothing less it is your life not its life yours. Do with it what is Right and you shall never be put wrong.

no one loves me =(

My real names Jesse, Nobody loves me though...

But I have one problem,I don't understand it at all. So I can only praise it for excellent voice acting and for it being so well animated.

nahtanojmal responds:

I could be cliché and say Jesus loves you but no I won't do that........ :D
No worries, thanks for the review

I was waiting for a common finish

Just the cop killing everyone in the most climax moment, you surprised me ^^

nahtanojmal responds:


(I have to type in more to respond but I just wanted to have the smiley face)


Awesome job!

Absolutely wonderful flash. I loved the animation, as well as the message. It is a wonderful thing to see a movie that praises Jesus being ranked so highly on Newgrounds. :)

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey thanks ;)

Masterful Efforts, Brilliant Parable

Unlike most flash with a religious allegory or theme, this one is a serious one that forces you to think. Mr. Lam's intent is successful in this case.

This is actually a hardcore piece of work that exemplifies what Flash is capable of. The use of tweens and lip sync are fluid, the cartoon style throws you in, and the do-it-yourself voice-overs, complete with a crowd (unheard of in most Flash!), helps to immerse the audience. As Krinkels said, however, the theme is difficult to decipher; it requires audience interpretation. Whether this was deliberate and part of Mr. Lam's motif or simply a flaw in the narrative is anyone's guess.

"I Love Jesse" is not just a parable but a sharp satire of modern day, extending well beyond the religious arena for which it is designed and inserting itself into other facets of everyday life and of human behavior. Thank goodness Jon took time to rethink the concept and pump reckless hours into it. Shout out and get this movie known to all the crazies populating this site!

nahtanojmal responds:

Well I have to say that is the most intellectual review I have gotten. Thank you :D

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
12:46 AM EST