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I love colour. It was interesting to work with a desaturated palette for most of this. See my other stuff (weird comics, story art, other flash vids) at http://wanderblue.com

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Huh, it's curious how this video manages to be simultaneously suspenseful and almost lethargically depressing. It felt like I was watching a not-particularly-nice dream. Congratulations on your double talent as composer and flash artist on this.

michiforjoy responds:

Wow thanks so much! <3 I think you got it precisely.

Good music

Notbad on here. The music was good. A really good choice I thought there does need to be more to the flash itself. More action I would think so. Good start though

add much more content and more action


michiforjoy responds:

Hey thanks! I recorded the music just for this, which was fun! I agree that it was a bit boring later on hahaha. :D

A Good Start !

It was pretty cool in the beginning with the people, but my opinion is make it more active ! like huge explosions of colours or more dark things, maybe darks walls and lights and people.

Anyways Idk, not gonna tell you how to do it , just opinions, and I can see your alright at flash so I know you can make it special, check out my trippy video it was 2 years ago when I was 17.

Keep it up.

michiforjoy responds:

Haha thanks! I definitely have a lot to learn still. I appreciate your comments, good luck with your trip.

Ok. Cool and dark feel.

This animation was only really lacking one thing, artistic ability.

Song = great feel
concept = great
actual animation = par. Go above and beyond. This could have been way better.


michiforjoy responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely still working on my artwork haha!


I personally liked this as it begins with a more solid approach but then delves into the abstract, which was well done too. The music added a haunting background to the transitions, and overall this was nicely put together.

michiforjoy responds:

Thanks so much, I'm still learning how to use flash, so I'm glad this turned out well in your mind.