T E T R I S ' D Rising

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I present to you the world as it used to be. The world that was long since forgotten. This is the beginning.

While it's likely to be a song that you don't recognize, Parker's music has returned once more to bring TETRIS'D to life. Check out the link on the left for the song.

I delayed the release of this so that it would follow after the third one. Since it's a prequel I thought it would be better if it was released after our hero defeated the ship. This animation is easily my favorite in the series. It shall not be the last.

Kobra Editing

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So, in the end, the biggest mistakes the tetris pieces made was underestimating the power of a stick figure

Happy 11th year of T E T R I S ' D!

Congratulations on the movie man!

I like the backstory this adds onto the others and it's still just as awesome. Great job!

KobraEditing responds:

Thank you!

I never get tired of watching the Tetris'd series. Truly a classic. Music included. I have to wonder if another Tetris'd video will ever come out. He said this wouldn't be the last. But, anyway, this milestone in the Newgrounds era will always be a sacred one. So awesome.