Happy Hollywood Birthday

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I know this is NOT typical NG material but it's my style and stuff I like. I hope someone out there enjoys it.


it was silly

I thought this was a well done and silly toon. Good job.


The style is pretty cool, and well done. I imagine you will be pummeled by some people who don't understand that you sometimes have to make stuff to make money. That's what this feels like, but you did a good job, and it looks very professional. Some of the other reviewers have brought up the sound issue, and they are right. It's a little crunchy. If it was caused by a project KB restriction, then I totally feel your pain.


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pretty nice

liked the animation, it was really nice! had some funny points too. also, the music and voicing was good as well.
overall: 7/10 great job!

Well it's actually not bad to be honest

It's not bad, my only problem is the audio quality of the voice, was a bit meh, but other than that, It's pretty cool for something of such small size. Loved the color effects too. :) You get a six good sir. :)

pretty cool

The animation was neat and it was a very original idea, but i can't help but wonder, who (if anyone in particular) was it addressed to?

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2010
12:36 PM EST