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Wdstw - Ytmnd Flash Ver.

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Author Comments

This here is a remake of the YTMND "We Didn't Start The Website" - in flash. It's already been remade on YouTube, so I decided to make this version. It took a lot of tweaking within the frames and settings in order to keep the MP3 and images synced, though it still isn't perfect, it's still decent and won't go out of sync upon repeat.

Full credit for the concept of the YTMND and the lyrics of the song go to NeoMatrixCLT. Vocals are credited to Feedrosie. There's no preloader so if you still happen to be on dial-up, you're just gonna have to leave it loading for a while and come back later.

Visit the original YTMND at http://wdstw.ytmnd.com/ and vote on that too!

NOTE: If the flash seems to hang or not play, just refresh. That should fix it.

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Loved It

You hit just about everything of interest there. Though I do realize it is a remake, you synced it up nice. I would recommend a pre loader, so that the viewers can play it at their discretion.

SephHatesYou responds:


I am planning on adding the pre-loader, if only cause I also want the flash to stop when it ends as it will go out of sync if played repeatedly without refreshing. Having it start from it's native beginning each time would solve this issue.


Wow, I think you just covered everything for the past 10 years lmao. I remember when that kid killed himself too, I thought it was a hoax at first. Silly emo kids, one of them finally got it right! hah

SephHatesYou responds:

The internets have been quite the wild ride, haven't they?

It's actually sort of strange to believe that the internet is actually forming it's own culture within itself, whereas previously it was merely a showcase of other sources of culture. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Try harder.

Soryy dude, but you gotta try harder. Looks like it was done with movie maker. Keep trying (y)

SephHatesYou responds:

Sorry dude, but you gotta read harder. This is a YTMND, and if you think it's made with movie maker, you're rather misguided, and potentially kinda slow.

But hey, thanks for trying. I see that there "fancy book learnin'" wasn't good enough for you.