Wild West Reaction 2

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Challenge the top 10 players on the leader board in this fast paced reaction shooter and get your name and nationality in the game, or play against friends on the same keyboard.
Choose between: 1 Player, 2 Players and Challenge.

Save your reaction time when you win the duel. Only available in 1 Player and Challenge mode.

In 1 Player and Challenge mode:
Press up arrow to start the timer, wait for DRAW, then press down arrow as fast as you can.
In 2 Player mode:
Player 2 uses 'W' to start the timer, wait for DRAW, then press 'S' as fast as possible.


Something to work with here.

First let me say I love the ability to challenge people on the leaderboard, even though it is not truly multiplayer it adds a sense of community to the game. the graphics are nice but not great.

There are times in the game where the wait period between READY and DRAW is far to long, I understand wanting to get a good sense of reaction time but I really don't like staring at the word ready for 10 seconds, it takes me out of the game and feels like I am waiting for a slow web page to load which is very frustrating. I think the ready and draw would greatly benefit from an overhaul to make them far more obvious (the red blends in) A nice graphic with a clean stroke on the outside would look alot nicer and be less tiring on the eyes.

The game needs a little more to it in the single-player mode, like a series of ever faster gunmen to battle, perhaps an upgrade or two (a way to do more damage and a way to take less damage).

The game is a good start and could be alot better.

aagaard responds:

This review is not good, its just plain wrong.

I can se from your games that you are into nice graphics, just dont forget to make a game also. After all, pictures alone is worthless if it's a game you are making.

The progression is already there in the challenge option, if I made a second kind of progression in difficulty, it would/could take away the focus from the competition among players, and that is actually the aim of this game.

About the ready draw wait period, hey! you have just bin unlucky, get over it.


on my second try i got first place now im on top for the rankings

aagaard responds:



good but not great, although i'm giving you a 10 anyway

aagaard responds:



this is an exelent game!

aagaard responds:

I know :) , thanks.

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2.45 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2010
8:50 PM EST
Skill - Other