Confessions of a tampon

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hello people this is my first toon of 2010, it's a little darker then i normally do it's also got abit of a sick sense of humor. I wanted to start 2010 with a very strange toon and after ages thinking up crap this just popped into my head so i hope you all like it :D.



I think it's a great little short you made. The humour is fine, not that dark at all. This is playful humour on a tabboo subject but thats what makes it funny. The ending doesnt seem to really fit thought. good overall!

Clockworkpixel responds:

It's the womens time of the month ha . Thanks

you know, I like it!

It reminded me of The Office (UK), I mean what is being said is ridiculous but the way it is being said is hilarious to me, haha. nice job!

Clockworkpixel responds:

That's kinda what I like to go for. Thanks :)

Mostly bizarre

I know you were going for the whole edge of "Hey! I'll bet a tampon would have a lot of funny things to say!" But overall there weren't a MASSIVE amount of jokes that were really related to this, it was just that a tampon was talking, and saying weird stuff.
Like, not funny because it's weird. Just weird.
I think you tried to give the tampon too many human characteristics (Going to college, marrying, even being "employed" was kinda odd in my opinion)... Perhaps if you had Gone more with the tampon's actual personality, having him reveal actual "confessions," rather than just say things like "Oh, yeah! I graduated! Because I'm a tampon, it's funny." You could have him go into some sorta development about how he's become clinically depressed from simply "being used and just all of a sudden being abandoned by the one person I know..." Or maybe some sorta medical/Emergency-Room type memory due too a bunch of blood rushing to his head... I dunno.
The marrying a pickle was probably the weirdest. Of all things, a pickle?

All in all, I did like the joke at the end, tying it back to "He's a tampon, so the SITUATION is funny." Instead of "He's a tampon, it's funny whenever he says something."
So, 4 :D

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Clockworkpixel responds:

i see what your saying if it was called interview ith a tampon maybe you would of thought different but i was just going for a serreal toon that doesn't really make much sense i like to think my cartoons as being don't ask why or over think just enjoy but hay can't apeel to every one but i thank you for giving it an 8 and na 4 even thought you wasn't overly keane on it :)


SOME!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11 !!!!111

Clockworkpixel responds:

sort and simple thanks :)

Good job!

Love the voices, it looks awesome, and it was great fun, especially the ending.
Good job!

Clockworkpixel responds:

thank you very much :D

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Feb 5, 2010
1:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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