Them Coconuts

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Them Coconuts is a defence game where you have to defend yourself against the attacking hordes of enemies. To assist you you have 10 weapons including the summoning of meteors and dragons.

You can also upgrade your castle and hire mercenaries to support you.

Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left mouse button
Change Weapon: 0-9 or Click the icons at the top of the screen
Upgrades/Pause: Space

You can download the music from the game for free here: http://www.finurligaljud.



fking loved the damn song and the little flute solo hahaha this game was perfect i couldnt find anything wrong with it levels were straight foreward then too out of the ordinary or impossible to achieve 10/10 easy


Gets the rating for the music alone. Had more fun listening then playing =P lol

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Lol, but a few things that could be changed.

Very funny (monty python references :D), i also love the style it is in like little puppet things, however I still think some things could have been a bit better and maybe make it more unique in gameplay from the others defense games so that it can stick out and rule above the rest. Things like several types support gunners, maybe some traps or spells too I think would make it better.

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my two cents

The three suggestions I have for this game are:
1) a distinct end point, or way to "win", rather than eventually being overcome by sheer numbers
2) a projectile weapon with higher damage
3) greater rate of income, and greater rate of increase in enemy strength (relates to 1).

The concept is beautiful, and may well be the next direction in defense games; humorously referencing movies or other source material. As far as mechanics, I really liked that weapons could reload while others were firing, allowing combos of different weapons (i.e. 5,6,4,4,4,6,4,5,4,6,4,4,4,6,4,5...etc ). This is why it would be cool to have more projectile weapons.

It's a good piece of work, and rich ground for further creations. Thank you.

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Good in what in a way. Not too glitchy and with a fun theme. (Monty Python and the Holy Grail for those on the wrong side of the generation gap - google it.)

But ultimately just a new skin on the same old defend the base theme. It's been done, A LOT. So I can't help but feel that it would be better to overaccelerate the arsenal then to leave the adult audience (the ones who get the joke) debating how much time this is worth to get to the next inside joke. I only made it to 19 myself. Funny but frustrating and ultimately not worth the effort to get all the way through.

Too much work per laugh.

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3.92 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2010
2:50 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery