City at combat !

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Great for war mania ! I am the developer. Budi.



The only things I didn't like about this game is that it sems you move slow.
Another thing is that you can't take any ammo from your enemy.
The rest I thought was great!


It's okay but... I did find the fact of the prices ANNOYING! I find your back up weapon when out of ammo bad. The range is horrible even though you think you stretch it out to slash. You just do something among flick your hand. And the fact of we can't take weapons from our enemy's or ammo were better off with infinite ammo.

Too laggy

The gameplay is nice but it has some issues:
- The prices on ammo and health is a bit too high
- It lags too much
- A bit too slow movement

Tons of presentation issues.

The game lagged like crap, that's one thing.
The other thing, the game just wasn't fun, you barely had any bullets and it felt like you weren't doing anything, worst of all, the music looped horribly.

But it was a good effort... Kinda.

Its good

Okay, I like the gameplay its sweet and to the point. Just click to shoot and use the standard W,S,A,D keys for movement. One thing I did not like was the prices for healing, limited ammo on the levels and the fact that the ammo doesn't stack. However, the overall con of the game is how when you fail at one of the missions you have to start over. Its somewhat understandable that when you die you have to start over so that the score can be submitted as is. But it was annoying as heck to have to start over. An idea I want to put out there would be to also rank how many times they died with the players scores and allow them to constantly retry a level.

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2010
2:04 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed