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Thanks for the front page guys!
My final project for my freshman animation class at UArts for the fall 2009 semester. Basically what we have to do is take an animator or animation studio's style and make a 30 second long animation (I'm going beyond that because I'm an asshole.) So I chose Don Hertzfeldt and added a bit of my own style to it and there you go.
NOTE: I originally had more planned out for the ending to get a better understanding of what was happening throughout the whole movie, but due to time constraints I had to throw it out the window. Maybe one day I'll make another one and it will help explain this.

30 FPS, shot mostly on 1's. We only had about 3 weeks to get these finished.

And it appears that it's not letting me post the updated version of this movie with the replay button fixed. Sorry everyone. If you do want to replay it, you can just right click on the movie and press play.



impressive animating, but I would have to agree with a number of the other reviews, the plot really seemed a little incoherent. I would be very interested into seeing the original plot line free of the time restraint you had.

But all in all you got the point across, which was to display your animation abilities, so for that great job.


no SE, no PLOT. WTF eh good anime i guess.

I acknowledge your intent

, I simply fail to recognize it as relevant. Good animation regardless. Please continue animating.

Very intriguing

Nice piece of art you have here. The only problem is is that it doesn't make to much sense. Not that I'm that guy that always has to have things make sense, but it seems like you tried to make sense out of this piece, but I was unable to get a grasp of it.
Still like the style that you implemented here. Had a very heavy feeling of "unknown". Overall, I like this animation.

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game of this?

it might not be relevant to your class, but i thought a game of this could be really great: you controlling the circle headed protagonist and seeing your scar, following the eye and such. it would probably need more story or detail though. i hope you can see what i'm talking about.

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Feb 5, 2010
12:06 AM EST